Digitakt Overbridge


I would not be surprised if Digitakt OB is a much bigger venture than so far revealed; particularly if there are alternative monetization plans with OB core features being ‘free’ whilst OB ‘daw features’ + store of expansions are charged for…

It’s a mini-DAW?
It hosts and freezes VSTs?
It samples, and has a fine zoom sample editor?
It has a piano roll and pattern editor for all trig attributes, and midi import/DT-export?
It has a store for expansion packs?

elektron are making a NI maschine-like ecosystem with the DT as a tethered hub that you can then disconnect from your PC and keep working on all your captured-to-project pieces?


If you think releasing a beta version for friends only is a good idea at this stage you underestimate how tired of waiting people are. The best thing they can do now is get it done properly and release it without any more teasers or hype, they went down the road of look whats coming the first time and came up short, I think they have run out of grace when it comes to more hype.


I like how you raise the expectations to a maximum! @Ess please take notes!


Elektron already admitted somewhere that beta testers are mostly their friends (Probably those that are going to join them on stage).
Maybe they have release candidate on their hands and i guess we will know that quite soon.
Releasing OB after 1 year of delays without any teasers and hype built around it would make no sense from marketing standpoint. I don’t think grace and marketing can go hand in hand but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

Anyway. One just can’t ignore the promo pic. Something OB related is going to happen and i am looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Dont forget the pattern chainer from daw :wink:


Do we already have an in-depth analysis of the promo pic? Some hobby psychologists here who can tell what the hands with the cable represent? And the people on the buttons? Maybe a community driven user patches exchange? They put a lot of hidden information into this!


It’s quite obvious to me but please feel free to hire psychologist. :wink:


How much do you charge?


I did it for free :eyeglasses:.


it DOES look like a digitone/takt with a door… door sounds like daw. solved!

after opening up my digitakt for a peek inside, i was interested to find what looks like an expansion header. may well just be for internal diag/testing, but it could be meant for more…



Thats what I thought at 1.5 and 1.6 etc.

I dont see why they’d skip one last update. If it were close they’d just announce it anyway, since they know everyone is waiting for it. Hell, we’ve been waiting for it for more than a year now.


They should work on the OS software instead of adding flashy things to OB… We dont need another “daw replacement”. We def dont need a “VST host” either. Thats just another layers of bug hell to add… Just release the thing at bare minimum, so people can multitrack…

You know a project is going sh*t when they think adding new features even before finishing… I’m a software engineer, and this is very typical in projects which went to hell. They should release the most basic version of Overbridge with multitracking… My Roland Tr8 knows it… It cant be that hard, after all Roland managed to make it.


My Dremel is ready for OB!


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t discover the Digitakt until a couple weeks ago- This forum thread is filled with a lot of angst, despair, and frustration I missed out on!

(Assuming of course it doesn’t take yet another year before overbridge is released and I’ll be in the same boat as everyone else…)


this is really tempting fate.
I thought this when I bought mine late last year “ha, I’ve skipped the bit where we’re waiting, and by the end of 2017 I’ll be… oh.”



That’s because happy people write less on this forum. :smiley:
The overbridge situation and false advertising is sad but I still really enjoy my Digitakt!


Pay only partial mind to the angst/whathaveyou. OB will surely be coming around soon! And it’s still a REALLY fun box.

All factors considered- it’s probably my favorite Elektron box(2nd to MDUW)


We’ll have some sort of update in hours – Elektron can’t possibly avoid the topic at Superbooth.


We made an error, all the new hardware will need a hardware modification. -OR- Overbridge in 2018.


It’s ready for download, we took the last two months to make sure it’s bullet-proof, and now it is.

Half empty/Half Full

Hold tight, it’s on the way, real soon, look we have a pretty demo.

Which is it?


My crystal ball(s) tends to option 3: hold tight.


Anybody think it will be possible to get a live stream of the event?