Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


I dont get it with polyrhytm. when i change the lengh per track like 7/16 the digitakt dont plays 7 steps an start over again. well, it start over again till reached a total of 16 steps and than restart the track. like: 7 steps + 7 steps + 2 steps … and over again. so no polyrythm …no shiftig rhythems …


Indeed @polymono, you have to set the pattern length longer (112 in your case).
The update brings tempo dividers per track, what you describe already existed.


oh, i see. thanks


Same thing happened for me. The OS update ended up working for me with the Elektron Transfer app once I went into the Digitakt settings and put it in USB/Midi mode (as opposed to overbridge mode). Most recommend using the C6 Sysex program to send sysex data though.

Hope this helps.


worked fine for me


Any videos of the new features? - especially the randomize feature.

I’m curious


Ok thanks! And what about the parameter page randomization on a trig by trig basis?




Just want to say thanks for this update.

Scale per track was at the top of my wish list, and randomize, I had no idea how much fun it would be. Sometimes the Digitakt feels a little clinical and serious, and this just added some fun factor I didn’t know I needed.

Thanks all


If you’re going on a trig-by-trig basis, at that point why not just make the choices yourself? I think the per-track randomization feature is meant to give you something to start tweaking on and changing to spark ideas etc.


Yeah I was just curious. I’ve totally been working in the way you described. It’s really great for ideas, etc. It just kinda seems like an obvious function to me, but whatever.


Anyone else having an issue where the first step of the pattern on the second play through is triggered twice and throws the song off tempo.

Its happening on patterns that already had a slowed down scale

Digitakt 1.11 : Bug reports

If you dont want to or cant find a length that suits all your track lengths, just use infinite master length and pick a change length to suit, that way all your polyrythms will play out without being cut short.


This video made my day x5


I had that happen to me, at the time I started a new pattern and it seemed to shake it off. I have not been back yet to the previous pattern to see if it is still happening, thought it might have been me, so I’m glad to see someone else has replicated it…when I get the chance I will revisit and see what’s happening


If i set the master length to infinite, individual patterns seem to stay in time but it keeps happening when i switch patterns. Maybe its a setting or just needs to shake it off lol.


I might be missing something here but I’m setting two tracks to different scales and lengths but it’s not creating polyrhythms. It’s the same loop every time. Wondering if I’m missing a step?


What is your M.LEN set to in the Scale menu for the pattern?
Also, post photos of the Scale menu settings for both tracks.


Exactly! :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too actually. But I’m pretty darn pleased with the mad noises I’m getting so far. If I could have an exponential decay (even if just for the filter envelope), ok and maybe another LFO or two, I’d count the Digitone as perfected.