Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21

Yeah, Elektron really slapped the watermelon on this one!


I have been trying to do this for a while now - can you explain your inspiration?

Which part? The finger drumming or the recording MIDI to the DN out of Reason?

Awesome update, the scale per track was much needed. Time to hook up my Blofeld to the DT again and make those looooooooooooooong pads I wanted.

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@andreash :wink:


Great updates :heart_eyes:

That pixel art gif sure would make a great screen saver! Just sayin :rofl:


Great update, same than the last one for Digitone, love randomize, scale per track…

For me it would be perfect if we could decide if the pattern keeps the parameters saved or if it only keeps the sequencer. For this reason I cannot use pattern chaining at all due to the unwanted parameter jumps, and I have to sequence the Digitone from the Octatrack.

Is the strange pattern change behaviour for the DN and the DT fixed?

Great update, love randomize, it’s an easy to use tool to find weird sounds, and fixing it after.
Juste I miss the concept of kit on Digis, like other elektron machines.

Oh man… dipping into this update (after neglecting my Digitakt a bit too long), all I can say is that scale per track is a GAME CHANGER. Finally everything comes together for this machine: trig conditions + scale per track + microtiming + parameter locks, it all comes alive. I really can see the brilliance of digitakt+digitone as a combo now, both holding down serious polyrhythmic tamed-random synced grooves, both melodic and percussive, both liquid and flowing yet locked in. Ace. Ended up with some Autechre-lite hip hop jungle in 15 minutes, like what the fuck.

And that “randomize page” functionality is brilliant too. Go to any parameter page, hit randomize until you find something intriguing, tweak to taste. It’s almost unfair how simple it all is.


It would come even more alive if they implemented RND ARP and midi arp, that is something I wanted long ago! Anyway probably the best update we ever got for DN!


Does it also turn off all the LEDs from the buttons leaving only the Tap Tempo blinking? It happened to me yesterday and I panicked lol.

tHanks for such a nice update. It definitively renovates the product and makes exciting to have it. It’s like having a new Digitakt each time.

Seems almost ungrateful to mention this here but … yes please.

Is it just me or C6 doesn’t work on either Mac OS Mojave or High Sierra?? I click send on c6 while my Digitakt or Digitone is connected to the computer via USB, (input and output selected for USB on the machine), both recognized on Transfer, but nothing happens with c6…

also I have USB-MIDI only selected in the machine USB config menu (not overbridge mode)

ok found an answer here : https://support.elektron.se/support/solutions/articles/43000304451-updating-the-os-of-analog-rytm-keys-four-using-c6

Didn’t do the config part on C6

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Hi all,

Posted this in bugs but really appreciate any help here if someone has a solution. I’ve updated the new OS to my DT, it shows on the unit as having been updated, but none of the new functionality is present. I’ve tried updating again using C6 and Sysex librarian. Both times the DT registers the new OS but no randomization or per track scaling.

Any ideas of what is going on - why won’t my DT properly update!!!



I was initially referring to the finger drumming, but I think I understand in that you may have been referring to the Digitone, and I have been trying to do this on the Digitakt. I don’t have much experience with the DN.

Does it actually show the new version number (1.11)?

If not then re-download the file from Elektron’s website. (Maybe do that anyway. Elektron has been known to accidentally copy the old download on rare occasions.)


It does…just did it again with transfer app and new version number but no change…will redownload and get back here. Thanks for responding so quick!

YESSSSSSS. That did it. I had some Beta version that must have been up there temporarily. It works now, and was very quick over Transfer app. Good suggestion PeterHanes, cheers.