Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21


These new DN timbres are where it’s at. Nice job Elektron :sunglasses:


As an instrument I deem it perfect.

As an Elektron, and I hate to be that guy, but parameter slide is all it would take to be perfect in my eyes


AH! I didn’t have the M.LEN set to INF. Got it now.


How do you set this up?
I thought that you couldn’t use multi mode on DN as on DNKeys.
Are you using an external controller? Or midi loopback?


Are you saying that when you play Pattern 1, then switch to Pattern 2, that Pattern 2 then plays its first step twice?

I suspect it’s probably because of whatever track length & master lengths you have set on those patterns, but of course there could be some obscure bug somewhere too.

What I would try is to make a couple NEW patterns from scratch, don’t do anything fancy with them, just but some basic beats, switch around and see if it still happens. Then, change ONE of the patterns to have some different track lengths and play around with the master length setting, get that one pattern doing some wonky polyrhythmic stuff, then switch from that to one of the basic patterns and back & forth, see if you can replicate it then? If not, change another one of those basic patterns to have multi-length stuff going on too, do so more switching around between them to see if anything weird happens.

Basically start from scratch and change one thing at a time to try and isolate what might be causing it.


I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, all clocks start at zero on a new pattern, at least that’s my experience with the OT. I could be wrong though. Haven’t had time to check it out on the DT and DN yet.


What do the DN ratio offsets mean exactly? Like, what are -1 and +.999?


Maybe you can find the info you’re looking for in this thread


I wanna say it’s an offset of a semitone from whatever harmonic you’re currently at.


Yea that was like the first thing I did. When I mess with masters length and all I get patterns to stay in time by themselfs.
But on new simple patterns I just made, they still fall out of time when I switch patterns … it feels like when I switch patter the first step gets triggered twice.


I was running the update and my Digitone seemed to be hung on the OS Upgrade Receiving page. The progress bar was full and C6 had finished sending. I cancelled the update and tried to redo it and now I’m getting an Upgrade Failed Missing Data! error. Any ideas?’

UPDATE: A simple restart fixed the problem.


I’m still having trouble getting multi recording to work properly with a controller, but I can finger-drum on a controller and finger-drum + record in real time using the Digitone sequencer in keyboard mode (rec+play).

For setup, you first need to assign soundpool sounds to single note ranges in multi mode. In the SETTINGS/MULTI MAP EDIT, add ranges in order, mapped to soundpool sounds. I went ahead and made a written list of the drum sounds I wanted to use with their soundpool number next to them.

So for the first range, you might want to trigger your bass drum. Set RANGE LOW to C 0 and RANGE HIGH to C 0. Set NOTE to C1 (or whatever note value your kick sounds best). The ranges set to C0 mean that the first “key” (9) on the Digitone will trigger that kick drum.

Now assign the soundpool index of your kick sound to SOUND SLOT

Now go back up one level (NO key) and do another ADD RANGE. This one will have both RANGE LOW and RANGE HIGH as C#0 (the key that will trigger the sound). That is the first “black key” (2) on the Digitone.

Now assign your next drum sound index for that C#0 key to the SOUND SLOT as you did for the first range you created. Now assign it a NOTE value. It can be C1 as well, but if you assign different NOTE values for each sound, you can trigger AND record more than one drum sound on a step in a single track!!! This is amazing, and if used properly, allows you to have entire multi-layer drum sequences on a single track. This was a big “wow” factor for me.

Keep adding single note ranges and sounds on up the keyboard (for practical purposes, up to 13 sounds/keys total, up to the range C1/C1) to taste until you have a full playable kit. One possible setup, you could have smaller kits of 6 sounds each, the first kit mapped to the lower notes (9-12 and 2-3) and the second kit mapped to the upper notes (13-16, 6-7) with key (5) mapped to some non-drum effect or other arbitrary sound.

Remember, once your sounds and ranges are set up, you HAVE to be in the MULTI MAP EDIT menu in settings for multi mode play/recording to be enabled. This is actually a GOOD thing because the Digitone will operate in its “standard” fashion with no confusion unless you deliberately enter multi mode by entering that part of the settings. Note that this setup works for recording on any track.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Two sounds on one step

it’s a bug already mentioned in the buglist of 1.21 DN I believe, think I saw somewhere @eangman confirming this one?


Thank you for taking the time to write this out! Now I can make an (FM)TR kit courtesy of the @Ess TR Sounds :nerd_face:


Thanks for the write up. It was the last part that I didn’t seem to grasp earlier. I was missing the bit about having to be in the MULTIMAP EDIT menu to be able to record, which makes sense. Thanks again!


Can’t wait to try MIDI loopback, put Some MIDI tracks on high resolution playback by changing scale on those tracks and dial in Some extra lfo’s by sequencing live recorded tweaks on cc’s of choise !



Stuck on this screen for last 10 minutes… what should I do?


Found a way to cancel update… when I restarted the device it showed 1.11beta but it doesn’t seem to have added the new functions… I’ve dowloaded again but is now stuck on “OS UPGRADE RECEIVING” screen again… any one else having similar issue?


It is beginning to seem like Digitakt stereo mix-in is just not going to happen :sob:

mono sampling FINE, but stereo mix in would be auxsome!


HI all,

Just want to confirm I’m not being an idiot. The new Digitone OS does not work with the Overbridge update, correct?



ps The update to Digitone actually stopped me from selling it this week - finally this machine comes alive for me.