Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21

Awesome update, thanks everyone!

@Ess — is some kind of trig preview function on the list? TRIG + YES? That would really ease the pain of not having true slicing functionality on the DT, as well as help with the production workflow on both…


@Ess did you do the artwork for the update page ? I love it and all things pixel art related. :upside_down_face:

MIDI sync is so much better, didn’t see this mentioned.

Thanks for an awesome update!

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Scale per track has been top of my wishlist since digitakt day 1. Such a great addition. Also the offset addition to Digitone is supreme.

However when I have Digitone connected to mpc Live with both midi in and out from both devices it freezes a lot.

Anybody else experiencing freezes?

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What is this in relation to? Did they fix the issue where when receiving a program change from another device it takes another bar for it to jump? My device is unfortunately in another city right now or I’d check myself.

Regardless, this is a gamechanging update! Thanks for the continued support Elektron!

nah, just digitakt was having problems with MIDI sync when slaved, there would be missed first notes and you’d have to press stop twice to regain sync after pressing stop on master, not anymore from what I can see, windows 10 ableton 64, RME

It’s perfect for adding a touch of detuning to liven up even simple sounds!


Got it - thanks

Would like to see a few of those other features find there way to digitakt also, but hot dang a nice update. Using a chromatic mode for playing sound locks instead of notes as an option per track would make live drumming in patterns on single tracks a possibility and personally it seems silly the synth unit got this feature before the drum unit, I suppose digitakt does have more tracks to work with so maybe it is less of a necessity. Portamento would be great also… I mean who doesn’t like playing some slippery slidey samples chromatically.


Don’t own a Digitakt or Digitone, but I really appreciate the continuing updates. This is one of the things that makes Elektron machines extra special. Keep it up :smile:


No, it was made by @ufuk actually!
Or well, I did make the Digitakt/tone graphic that is from the OS. Not the Keys one though, that’s made by Andreas H. Lots of pixel talents around, hehe.


Wow, exciting stuff! and unmentioned above is that LSB is now supported on the DT too and fixed on the DN which is what I’ve been hoping for. Scale per track is simply fantastic news. Really looking forward to playing with this at the weekend. Thanks Elektron!

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I successfully set up sounds and recorded some finger drumming in multi mode on the Digitone. This is going to speed up my workflow a lot, to be able to just play basic drum grooves, then tweak and embellish. I like it that I can use the 8 multi mode slots to easily set up different kits.

While I was at it, for fun, I routed the MIDI from some procedural generator rack extensions in Reason out to record on the Digitone, all nicely synced. Worked like a charm and seems like a fun way to auto-generate pattern and starting points, especially for ambient stuff.

Speaking of ambient, different time scales for each track is a beautiful thing. I’m going all Vangelis over here with just a single pattern.


Sysex Dump and Receive works on the Digitakt now (it used to not work for the 1.11.6 BETA)!


As I sat, admiring this fine work of pixel art, I realized something… 1.5 octave DN Keys confirmed!


The arpeggiator did not play notes in the correct order in Cycle and Down modes.

:smiley: holy shit! when I made a too-big post whining about this in the feature request thread, I wasn’t expecting it to, y’know, actually get fixed in a few weeks

It is now possible to live record sound slots when in MULTI MAP mode.

I feel heard and cared for. What is this? I’m not used to getting that… this feeling, this power, to be able to rant about UI issues and workflow things and have reasonable fixes turn up in patch notes, quickly? The power might go to my head. I could get used to this.

It wasn’t like this with the Korg (electribe 2) or with Pioneer (Toraiz SP-16)…

So, uh, thanks Elektron! I’m excited to get home and try it out.


It’s in the Global settings menu. See page 72 of the revised manual.

Master Tune adjusts the reference tuning frequency for the whole instrument. The modern convention (and therefore the default setting on the DN and other electronic instruments) is to set the frequency of note A to be 440 Hz.

You might adjust this reference frequency if you wanted to get the DN in tune with an acoustic instrument or other sound source that can’t be retuned so easily.


wow, just updated… the sound reload feature is really great.
you can morph the track beyond recognition, then reload specific tracks from the original temp saved track, and keep adding them (I think it reloads from this location, not sure if it’s from the pattern save)

This update !

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