Digitakt OS 1.11, Digitone & Digitone Keys OS 1.21

What software are you using to do the update. What’s the midi configuration on the device. This is necessary info if you want helpful advice.

Wouldn’t that mean the machine would need to constantly temporary save automatically? which is something that seems rather annoying:p


No one can, sir :smiley:

Okay, I see where I went wrong – The release news clearly states the randomization is for the Digitakt.

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I wonder who is going to be first with tutorial? :slight_smile:

well I was thinking more like reverting to where it was before holding the TRK key, but I guess it doesn’t make that much sense… it would need to have an extra save state when the TRK key is held.
I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m looking forward to!
btw on the new track reload function, does it revert to the last saved state? or is it related to Sounds with capital S?

EDIT: I’m also super curious about that ratio detuning on the DN… I don’t have one, but I would love to hear how that sounds… @DaveMech here’s where you step in, hehe - hope you’re planning new videos!

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Amazing news, thank you Elektron team!

If it’s like digitone it should be pattern save state

Hello there,

i think the Screensaver from the Digitone is now broken, it only dims after a few minutes but it doesnt turned of the screen, on the Digitakt it works fine, after 60 minutes the screen goes off. An Option to turn sreensaver-mode on/off or to set a time would be nice :wink: thx.

Have a good one!

Great update!

Super happy to see the DT getting some love!

Man, such an awesome machine :heart_eyes:


I feel like I just got two new machines! I have a Digitakt and Digitone linked up in my studio and this is an amazing update! Thanks y’all!

Two random questions:

  1. Is there a way to use the randomize feature on a trig by trig basis? Meaning randomizing a parameter page for each trig. I tried holding the trigs down and using the function but it seems like it always does the whole track.

I know this is nit-picky but I feel like if you’ve figured out how to randomize the parameter pages for a track is randomizing them on a trig by trig basis really that different?

  1. Could you explain the ‘master tuning’ function on the Digitone? I don’t understand that concept nor do I see where the function is in the UI.

Thanks again!

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Thank you so much Elektron!

Haha :slight_smile: DN videos are definitely planned this year :wink:

Yeah an extra sort of temp save state would be needed. Would be great for sure. Thinking about it, I think the page randomize and page + no does revert back to the pre-randomize state, not last saved state. Correct me if I’m wrong though as in not in front of the machine.


Big ups @Ess @eangman @Olle @Dataline and the whole crew!

This update actually made the DT a pretty good MIDI sequencer now… Maybe I need one after all at some point :wink:

And what you did to DN ratios and master tuning, pure excellence!! <3


Another big thumbs up of appreciation here. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that faecal matter just got non-fictional.


This is awesome! Thanks Elektron Team!

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Hi guys !

For some reason my DT seems to get stuck when updating. It stops moving after reaching 1/3 of the update and I left it updating for 3 hours now.

I currently have the OS 1,11beta
Am I the only one ?
Did I do something wrong ?

Thanks for your answers.


I am new to the Elektron Game and this is a great update.
Works flawless here. :+1:

Use C6 instead of Transfer and use USB only not USB & MIDI

Also Thank You Very Much to the Elektron team for this amazing update…scale per track is pure class


Way to go Elektron dudes x

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Yes that is timing Elektron I love this update. All Boxes are well updated and ready for my Gig on Saturday.