Digitakt OS 1.08 bug reports


User Error :confounded:


:grin: if it makes you feel better, I once sent my Octatrack for repairs to Elektron because of audio crackling through one output. They ended up sending it back telling me there was nothing wrong with it, but that they had resoldered the outs anyway. Turns out my cable was damaged.


That DOES make me feel better! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Ryan was talking about his own earlier posts where he described what he thought was a bug but ended up being user error. He wasn’t talking to you.

However, a couple of people have asked if you’re sure that the “missing” trig isn’t actually recorded live, and therefore possibly located just ahead of the “zero” time in the first step, or if the trig is set to a negative microtiming.


any ones LFO just stop working, only to be reset by adusting the Trig MODE in the LFO page?
i have a sequence
Trigs On 1-16

LFO page
SPD 16
DEP 11.50

at it will just stop working at some point.
Intermittent bug. im going to delve deeper


It is an issue. I asked about it the first second I heard about 1.08 update. Obviously it still isnt fixed. I asked Elektron about it and they said its a firmware issue. This was in 1.07 and its disappointing its not fixed in 1.08. If you double tap the stop button on DT it will work as it should. I ended up having to change it to Master which is annoying as I want my OT to be the master. It also happens on the DN


I think I finally managed to reproduce your issue. I hadn’t realized “hitting play on the spacebar” meant starting playback from an external MIDI source. I synced my DT to my Digitone (which is the reverse of my usual setup) and it definitely fails to play the first on grid trig, though not always, it’s very inconsistent.


which daw do you use, not that it matters just curious. I also can confirm this bug in 1.08 across multiple daws. it’s a funny one. i suppose a work around, if using a linear daw, is to program in a measure of silence at the beginning of your composition, and set an empty pattern on the DT to playback during that measure. Then insert a PC change for the next measure, and off you go.


After making 8 tracks on a pattern…pressing FUNC+SAVE PROJ to save all settlings, and pattern info…it is erasing sequence data!





Are you sure you haven’t accidentally pressed the PLAY button, too (or instead)? It’s located quite near to the SAVE PROJ button and I guess when it interferes with the button combo it may trigger a CLEAR …


I will add this as a bug but I think it is more the manual that is at fault.
It says locked trigs may be entered on any step including note trigs. Now when I read this in the manual prior to receiving my Digitakt I expected to be able to extend the use of trig conditions, but any adjustments made to a trigless lock applied on top of a note trig are passed straight onto the note trig making them useless in the decribed conditions. I had hoped they were bugged out and not working but there has been no mention from Elektron so I would appreciate it if they could remove the false information from the manual or better still make it work in the advertised way.


You can in fact place a trigless lock on top of a note trig, but as you can have only one trig per step, it’s expected behavior. Don’t really see how that would work otherwise?

I use trigless locks sometimes to “mute” a note trig for instance. As long as you don’t change parameters, hitting the trig again will place a note trig with the exact same settings. It’s pretty useful :slight_smile:


What is the trigless lock doing that couldnt be done to the note trig?. You say you are using it to mute, in what way is it changing the behaviour of the note trig ?, for me anything I do to a trigless lock is passed onto the note so it has no point.


It doesn’t trigger the note…
All the manual says is that it is possible.

Let’s say you have a melody going, and want to remove one of the notes, but do want to keep the parameter locks on that step. It’s one of the situations where this could be useful. In that sense it’s a nice creative tool as well since you can experiment with leaving out notes but keeping the locks. And for live it can be used to mute trigs sort of which is interesting.

I’m pretty sure the manual states that you can have a trig per step, not 2.


Thanks for the reply but I am confused , if I had a 16 step melody with note triggers on every step and I removed or muted one step with a parameter lock how would that sound different to using a trigless lock on top to mute the note only?.
I suppose I am struggling to understand how using parameter locks via a trigless lock would sound different to those same parameter locks applied straight to the note trig. At first I thought the trigless conditional trigs could be used to mix things up, maybe add a fill conition but as I said all the available features pass straight through to the note trig so it seems redundant to me.
I wonder if there any reason why it would be impossible to implement two or more layers of conditions per trig down the road?,it sound plausable if they dont try to play on the same step and even if they did trigless could take priority over note (which is how I originally thought it would work).


Example of a time you would use a trig less step

You have a longer note playing, a step or three later you want the settings of the parameters to change but you don’t want the note to retrigger. You would put a trigless step to trigger the changes you want but it’ll leave the note alone.


Nope, first step still missed randomly when slaved. Not fixed :frowning:


That is when you apply it to a blank step, using them like that they do everything I expect. If I apply one on top of a note step like it says in the manual the only effect is to mute the trigger untill I remove it, which although possibly usefull is hardly as usefull as conditional trigs, parameter locks and key changes. Holding the yellow key and making changes as you would on a blank step is not possible as far as I can tell making the difference between the two uses so vast that saying trigless locks can be applied to note trigs is somewhere between pointless and misleading and there is no mention of the difference scenarios that I could find in the manual.
I dont think its wrong to expect trigless locks to behave in a consistant way based on the description in the manual, I understand now that they dont but since reading the manual is the done thing before making a purchase I see no benefit to the customer in the current wording.


They do behave as described in the manual though… You cannot add 2 trigs on 1 step. A trig is a trig even if it’s called a trigless lock. It’s a bit confusing perhaps but hardly misleading.

What you want to do can be achieved however, kind of. Just add a trigless lock to a a previous step (or one after) of the note trig and move it as close as possible to it via micro timing. This way you can achieve some of the function you want to achieve possibly.