Digitakt OS 1.08 bug reports


You encountered something wrong in OS 1.08 and want to check if others can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

Please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on elektron.se if they have not already been confirmed below.


I was just wondering about any bugs? Fixes? Especially looking at the sequence not resetting to the start/missed first step when slaved. I am excited about the new compressor. Nice touch. Just hesitant to upgrade.

Whats the word??


Not that new but the 16 key in chromatic mode is holding the note in some situations again, not sure if it went away but I had’nt experience it for a while.


Check the 1.08 notes available with the firmware update on the elektron website. It lists the bug fixes and new additions.


Im having the Digitakt send out an LFO to my synth with nothing enabled on that channel, wasn’t present before the update.

Edit: its gone now, ill update if it ever comes back


Track 1 randomly resets to 0 velocity, Panned hard left and 0 volume in the Amp page.
In 1.07 It happened mostly when I switch on and load an existing project up, now with 1.08 it’s happening while the project is loaded at random times. Anyone else getting this?


Under certain circumstances, this was happening to me in previous firmware.

One thing to try - place a trig on a blank MIDI track, set the channel to your synth, and hit play…does the LFO stop?


Switched it on n off a few times seems to have stopped aha!


I did that. It doesnt say anything about it. But sometimes they just do minor under the hood fixes they dont write about. Ill just take the plunge and see what happens I think


Compressor settings do NOT recall when you FUNC + No to reload pattern.


hmm interesting, does this mean they are not saving with pattern properly?


maybe bug? I had my digitakt and digitone on the entire day and at several points left for several hours… each time on return there is no screen saver “dimming” of oled on digitakt via 1.08. there was no activity going on whatsover.


I tested very briefly on Presets patterns and it did reset with reload, so this might not be an “absolute” bug but maybe in certain circumstances. Haven’t tested with personal patterns yet. Are you sure you saved the pattern/project first? (I know, dumb question but I have done dumber things)

edit: just tested in personal project, new pattern, set compressor to crazy settings, then saved project, changed compressor settings to completely different stuff, hit FUNC-NO and it reloaded back to what I saved it as. So at face value it appears to be working… doesn’t mean there isn’t a bug somewhere in some certain situation though, but does seem to be working with basic testing at least


The dimming is actually pretty minimal so maybe you just didn’t notice it?


The first step of MIDI tracks sequencer does not sound when sync to other gear.


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are you saving your project after you adjust your compressor settings. then trying reload ?


Yes saving properly, doesn’t work for me


Grrrrr. Thats really annoying. I was hoping that would have been fixed.


Haha, the post your username was destined to answer :joy: