Digitakt OS 1.08 bug reports


generally, that is the receiving synth that sees the program change instead of the note…some of my synths will play, yet my virus will not play on first beat if there is a program selected for that track…X out the program and you will see the first note will play


Compressor MIDI messages are sent out on Ch.1, not the configured FX channel which is used for Delay, Reverb.


FX updates are sending MIDI updates for both CC and NRPN - not sure this was the case in 1.0.7? In any case, shouldn’t this honour the MIDI setting of sending CC or NRPN rather than both?


I had some weird issue when setting compressor threshold too fast the whole thing went silent (even after moving the threshold back to 0). It went away by moving the threshold all the way down again and back to 0.


gotta mention again that the stepped values of compressor‘s make up gain in 0.2 jumps …

0.1 would be cool to adjust to exact zero values!
for sure a kind of hair (value) splitting, but i‘m a fan of clear values :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also i would prefer db values for threshold instead of that none capable 127 range, aswell i would prefer frequency values on the filters!

i‘m still not getting that 127 MIDI caused value range and i‘m still questioning myself what is unity…!? i‘m used to 100 = unity gain, like some others for sure … but if the knob conversion isn‘t linear at all, no chance to understand what‘s really happening while knobbing :thinking:

initially the amp values are over 100 …
maybe someone could clear this up for me as i‘m also not sure with every other elektron machine i‘m using …

one more thing …
start point of reversed samples is always at the end while using lfo to start point …
one sounddesign feature less what could be fixed easily :confused:


LOL, nice one :smiley:


works fine here, but I’ve only checked with the headphone outs


Does anyone notice that when hitting SHIFT+MASTER to go back to the COMPRESSOR page from, say the AMP page, the display briefly shows the COMPRESSOR page before jumping ahead to the MASTER page instead?


Anyone else noticed the very loud click when a sound get’s cut off? I know this was always the case a little, but it’s very loud now. If I want to use fill to get some more kicks on the kick track it now is riddled with very loud clicks that weren’t there before.

A work around that kind of works is using trigless locks to mute the sound just before the other one hits, but this isn’t always possible.
Another way is using micro timing. Though this has an undesirable side effect as well.

I’m certain it wasn’t this bad before. Anyone else notice?


Dry / Wet Mix” midi message on the compressor [CC118] does not work! :confused:


Distinct lack of testing as far as the MIDI for the compressor goes


I think I might have been getting this but I just assumed it was me accidentally hitting the button twice, maybe it is a bug! Will pay more attention to deliberate button pressing there and see if it still happens


I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but I made a track with a deep tom pattern and a kick pattern. In both of them there were a lot of non-zero crossing type clicks. I got a lot of them to go away with increasing attack, some I just couldn’t figure out. Thought it was the compressor, but they’re there without it engaged. Doesn’t really make sense to me, and never had it before

Edit: Just to be clear, the clicks are not in the sounds themselves, but the patterns


I’ve had this issue when microtiming the first trig to a negative value


Then just switch the L/R out cables and you are good …


There is a thread about this error, I mention to people in it that it’s very important to submit a bug report to elektron for this if you have not already. Just posting about it in the elektronauts bug thread doesn’t get the info to elektron in the proper way and it may get missed if you a few individuals don’t submit a bug report.

Even recognized bugs may take a few updates to get smoothed over.


I try this out but no, no sound un the first trig.


Hi man, my apologize to you, you are right about it… so do you think its a bug or it depends on the synth you are sync ???


Weird, it works fine for me


Did you verify that the relevant trigs are on grid or “microtimed” to a positive value? With unquantized live recording sometimes my timing is off and the trig ends up with a negative microtiming value. In those cases the trig timing would belong to the end of the pattern and, like you mention, won’t trigger on the first pass.