Digitakt not sending bank select (patch works)


The DT transmits Bank Select values from 1 - 128, but my Roland XV expects values in LSB/MSB format. Any ideas how to convert it?


same problem with the JV-2080


@krunchr @jaw
You can set the DT’s MIDI parameters to send these messages.
On the AMP page, set one knob to MSB and one to LSB (I think these are CC 6 and 38 but you might need to double check this - they are actually labeled as MSb and LSB in the DT when you get to the right one so shouldn’t be too hard to find)
On the FILTER page, hold FUNC + press the encoders that match up with the ones you set on the AMP page, to enable them. Then set them to whatever MSb and LSB values your equipment needs.
Can’t comment on your specific equipment and you’ll probably need to mess with it some until you find the “magic numbers”
I had to do this to send program changes to the Roland MC-303, but one of the numbers was off by 1, I forget which, but say for example in the MC-303 manual it had something listed as “bank 1, sound 30”, I had to send like, bank 0, sound 30, or bank 1, sound 29, I forget which was off, but something was off. Also not sure if it was because of quirks in the MC-303 implementation or in the DT, or just a difference in approaches since decades have gone by :slight_smile:

Just last night I was experimenting with sending NRPN to my Micromonsta, that was even more tricky, but finally had success, so all the MSB/LSB/NRPN stuff is definitely possible


Solved it ! I was about to give up, and tried a last time to play with CC after reading your message, and finally found the right combination.
thx ! :smiley:


Hi guys,
On my Digi I send midi program changes to Minilogue - choose bank 1 and program 20 for example[SRC].
It works great when I choose presets 1-100, but when I try preset 101 I can’t because it stops changing on preset 100. I tried to switch bank to 2,3,… , but still can’t acces presets above 100 on my Minilogue;/
how idea what’s the problem?



If I remember correctly the digitakt has to send CC 32 to the minilogue (as well as program change as usual) to be able to select patches 100+


I believe that this is correct; if you send CC 32 with value 1 immediately before the Program Change message, the Minilogue should choose the correct program in the upper 100 locations.

Send CC 32 with value 0 immediately before a Program Change message to select a program in the lower 100 locations.


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Thanks Peter! It works:)


Just came here to figure out why my OTmk2 was not changing banks on my Deepmind12.
Would be nice if Elektron decided to fix this. It does appear most manufacturer’s correctly use the cc 32 setup. Not sure why Elektron chose the path they did but hope they decide to change.
Bummed I have to eat up a CC lane.


I could find the following solution:

I am using an iConnect Midi 4+ as standalone midirouter between the devices.
In the Midi 4+ it is possible to patch CCs, so I have set a rule, from Digitakt Midi CC0 redirects to CC32. This still means that you have to turn both Bank Select and Program Change for something to happen, but the digitakt sends both information when loading or change patterns. Thus, the specified preset of the target device is called correctly.



I am new to the digitakt and fell over this bank select problem with my yamaha digital piano DGX-650.
Took me hours to find out how to change to programs from different banks.

Here are my findings:

  1. To select a program from a bank with a bank select lsb other than 0 you have to set a knob to bsel lsb on the Amp page and then set the bank select lsb on the filter page.

  2. The bank select lsb seams to be sent only at start of the sequencer.
    Changing the value will have no effect until you restart the sequencer.

  3. When trying to use parameter lock for the bsel lsb it looks like that the value is sent AFTER the note with the parameter lock. This results in the note played with the old bank setting. The following note will reflect the bsel lsb change.

This results in the need of the following ugly workaround to change the program of a track to a program from another bank.

If you have a step free before the note which should use the new program, place a cc only trigger with a parameter lock for the bsel lsb for the next note. If the step preceeding the note is already used, do the parameter lock at the preceeding note. In both cases you have to parameter lock the program on the second note.

Interristingly, the note following the second note without parameter locked program and bsel lsb are played correctly with the sound defined for track so digitakt is able to send the program change messages in correkt order when switching back to the original sound of the track.

I think this is bug or at least a flaw in digitakt.
Fixing this however may break any patterns using this workaround
(playing the new sound on the preceeding note).
This may be the reason why elektron is carefully thinking on how to fix that.

An additional midi setup for bank select behavior broken/fixed :slight_smile: would be necessary, which is a bit emberassing.

So dear elektron developers, please fix it without breaking setups using this workaround for this problem.

If I am wrong or just missed something please tell me.



I cant change banks from the Digitakt, just programs within whatever bank I choose in the AS-1. I just looked at the AS-1 manual and didnt fine anything about bank changes. Im clueless.


Yeah mine doesn’t change banks when sequencing from DT. It’s never been a big deal for me so I never bothered to figure it out


By this, do you mean that you change banks on the A4, then via the DT you access the different patches on the DT for it?


It was a long time ago that, but it was regarding when you have the A4 slaved so when you change pattern on the DT the A4 changes pattern with it. It worked fine at the time with the caveat that if you were on bank a-d and wanted to switch to a pattern in banks e-h you would have to manually change the A4’s bank in that instance.

bit of a random post it was, n wasnt exectly to do with the topic.


What does this mean in the case of using digitone slaved to digitakt? If the midi bank select message was designed to be used together with the program change message? If I want to change patches on the digitone via the digitakt, and access a patch in another bank, do I just activate that bank on the digitone, and then change the patch via the digitakt?


Both Digitone and Digitakt have only 128 patterns, so the Digitakt can selct the appropriate pattern on the Digitone just by using a MIDI Program Change message. There is no need for a MIDI Bank Select message. Just select whichever pattern you want and (if you have the correct settings on the gear) the appropriate pattern on the Digitone will be selected.

Elektron refers to each set of 16 patterns as a ‘bank’, but that’s not the same as a Bank in MIDI terminology.


The AS-1’s MIDI implementation is given on page 28 of the manual (English version). It is very unhelpfully written because the received CC messages are given in binary numbers. However, it shows that the AS-1, like the DSI/Sequential synths, implements Bank Select using MIDI CC 32 messages. Therefore the Digitakt’s Bank Select feature is useless in this case.

It will be possible to select a Program in a different bank on the AS-1 by sending a CC 32 message (with a value in the range from 0 to 5) immediately before a Program Change message.


Thanks so much for your reply, I’m new to this and so it’s hard to trouble shoot things at times

So I would never change the sound on the digitone via the digitone itself, always via the midi in digitakt?

Also, should I be sequencing digitone parts on the digitone? I have been sequencing the digitone via the digitakt’s sequencer and now I’m a little confused if that’s the right way?