Digitakt not sending bank select (patch works)


You can do whatever you want. It’s up to you to try things out and see what works best for you.

If you have a specific arrangement in mind where you want to the Digitakt and Digitone to work together, you can set up the Digitakt to control which pattern the Digitone plays. But if you want more flexibility, it’s perfectly OK to change the pattern on the Digitone manually.

Similarly with sequencing, if you want Digitakt to do all the sequencing then it can. However, you may find more flexibility if you program the Digitone’s patterns in its own sequencer and then synchronize the two sequencers using MIDI.


I’ve just been playing around with this with my Proteus 2000. If you p-lock Bank, Prog Change and an assigned cc32 value it will change banks correctly 99% of the time. I’m actually amazed how well the E-Mu responds to program changes per step, easy to come up with interesting sequences by recording the prog change and LSB value, unfortunately the LFO assigned to cc32 doesn’t seem to do anything though and it can’t be assigned to Program Change.

Elektron should rename bank to MSB and add LSB next to it, there is room. It’s ridiculous that something so standard has to be worked around on a Midi Sequencer. Hopefully they will sort it on the OT and DN too some day soon.

For those who are searching specifically for E-Mu Proteus synths, MSB (Bank on the DT) selects the ROM installed, Composer is 4, although you have to add one to it and set BANK to 5. The LSB cc32 then selects 0-7 banks of the Composer ROM. On the Proteus if you click audition it will give you the MSB and LSB numbers of the current bank you are in. The User Banks you can just use LSB (cc32) 0-3. If you want it to reliably change you have to P-lock it especially if using different program changes in different patterns otherwise the LSB will be too late for the program change.


Digitone OS 1.20 introduces a new SBNK parameter on the MIDI source (SYN1) page that sends CC32 messages. Elektron even describes this as a bug fix in the release notes. :content: Can we hope that Elektron provides a similar bug fix for the Digitakt?


Oh damn dude! I would love for the bank select to work the way I feel it should between Digitakt and Peak!!!


Having just swapped my DT for a DN, that’s great news :smiley:


The CC 32 workaround described above should work for the Peak.


This is great news! Yes I hope they update the Digitone and Octatrack too and soon, the cc32 workaround doesn’t always work reliably even when p-locking, the program change needs to be sent last. I’m using it a lot at the moment, so really hope they updating both the other machines as I Write :slight_smile:

I do have a DN too, I’ll check it out later, but I prefer Midi on the other 2 machines because you can’t access all mutes at the same time on the DN for some bizarre reason. I currently only use my Peak As a result, and use the vca level on the synth to mute it instead. I wish it had the same mute option as DT using the trig keys which is fantastic.


So I’ve just tried out the new LSB setting on the DN and it doesn’t work at all. Even MSB isn’t working anymore, both send 0 regardless of the settings, and this also means that a manual cc32 doesn’t work anymore because it sends an MSB 0 and LSB 0 with every program change whether they’re enabled or not.

Hopefully they’ll fix this very soon and not add it to the Digitakt until it works correctly.


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Has anybody managed to successfully use the Digitakt together with a Yamaha AN200 for sending bank and program changes from the Digitakt?

I want to be able to control the following

User Bank (Bank MSB=63, LSB=2, Pgm#1-64)

Is this possible on the Digitakt

AN200 Midi implementation:
1.2.1 Bank Select This message selects the voice bank.

Control# Parameter Data Range
0 Bank Select MSB 0…127
32 Bank Select LSB 0…127
The Bank Select data will be processed only after a Program Change is received,
and then voice bank will change at that time.
If you wish to change the voice bank as well as the voice, you must transmit Bank Select and Program Change messages as a set,
in the following order: Bank Select MSB, LSB, and Program Change.

Bank change on Digitakt. How?

As you can see from the previous posts on the topic, several people have had the same problem.

There is currently a likely workaround. Set the Digitakt to send the following messages with no other MIDI messages inbetween:
CC 0 with value 63 (AN200 Bank Select MSB)
CC 32 with value 2 (AN200 Bank Select LSB)
Program Change with the value you want


Got it to work using the SRC page in the end!

BANK 64 (not 63 as in the AN200 manual)
PROG 1-x


It’s the DT that’s wrong it starts at 1 instead of zero.