Digitakt MK2 - Your Suggestions?

I use two octatracks, digikeys and MDUW now, and haven’t used my DT, Digitone desktop or M:S since I upgraded to the models with the features I needed. I’d use the DT more if it got the DigiKey treatment (individual outs and some of the octatracks notable feartures like slicing and increased effects) but for what the DT offers at its price point is great. Personally I feel Elektron is at that place as a company to go above the “1300” range and release a product that competes with the “larger” products of the bigger companies. I think one Kat mentioned the 20th anniversary of the MD, a smart reiteration of features that are spread through out Elektrons product lines, just maybe on the horizon, the tech is definitely there and matured for them to pull it off…I think the DT will get some future upgrades eventually, it’s a solid concept that’s also been successful financially, but I think Elektron is tying up loose ends, maximizing their product tears and moving forward.

Yeah, I’d really prefer some new flagship that combines synthesis and sampling and isn’t limited to 8 monophonic voices. I’m envisioning a Deluge-like device with Elektron’s workflow.

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I hear ya, ive day dreamed a lot about “that” Elektron machine to rule them all lol! With my current set up, I’m extremely pleased, it’s definitely got me in the “I don’t need anything else” mode…but if and when they release the MDdToneOctaRytm I’ll be ready eat those words

Agree on many of your points. Although, I do hope that the Digitakt goes through another rev sooner, for at lease half the items on my wishlist. Currently holding off on getting one to see if anything comes or is alluded to at NAMM 20. The Digitakt is also not available on their site, so perhaps they stopped manufacturing new units for now. One can only conjecture in the manufacturing world. Although I do have to ask - what on earth is up the Model: Samples - the build quality is weak (speaking mostly on the lower quality buttons).

I’d like to see Overbridge move from beta to full product release, so guessing Elektron is putting some serious cycles on that also.

At current, I have an NI Maschine MK3, where the slicing capability is fast and furious, along with swapping wave files seamlessly (so of course, I grabbed a few packs from Elektron today). However, I need my laptop. Would love to break away from that eventually.

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right?! The DT with a studio vibed edition, would be a must. I had purchased the Digitone desktop, I fell in love with its take on FM and the range of ground it can cover over other synths, the the DigiKeys was released…honestly one of Elektrons best upgrades. Period. To me at least the hardware editions added made the Digitone fully realized as the product it should be. I’m not knocking on Overbridge, but the individual outs, were a no brainer for the Digitone. The DT would benefit immensely from them aswell (add slicing and maybe two layer sampling per track) that would bring a lot of kats on the fence about its weight in a studio environment to the table. So on the model:samples, I honestly bought it on a whim, I don’t use daws much anymore except for sound design and final recordings, so I got one to just have to load drum sounds I made in Reason and Reaktor. Models is definitely inspired by the Korg es-1 with the Elektron twists to sweeten the concept up for those that want to get in to the Elektron family but couldn’t because of Elektrons current units price points…so for my two cents worth, the form factor is pretty great, the encoders are solid, the simple two piece construction feels great too. the sound, I think it’s definitely in the realm of lofi at least I’m comparison to its bigger more matured brothers, but for what you get, it’s a great product, I think for a lot of kats that gravitate to the accessibility of the various cheaper korg and Roland products…it’s a sure fire purchase. For those of us that are spoiled on the full range of Elektron features, maybe not so much. I’m selling mine because it’s really just a novelty in comparison to what I actually use to make my music. I can definitely see the Model: line expanding (obviously), just makes sense from a business perspective…but it genuinely will add to a lot of kats set ups in a good way I think.

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I should add that the lack of an “arrangement mode” kinda help put my DT on the back burner for me at least, one of the main reasons I went with two octatrack mkii’s and still rely on my MDUW so much. to me at least the Arranger is one of Elektrons best powerful features, it’s odd to me that they haven’t added it to all their products, but I guess they have their reasons

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You will have only new AD/DA converter and a new revolutionary gray color…

Like the octatrack MK2

Seems like a lot of people in this thread just want an OT and don’t realize it.


I think you summed up the M:S perfectly with “I’m selling mine because it’s really just a novelty in comparison to what I actually use to make my music.”. I played around with the Roland MC-101 and a Korg Volca Sample where I returned both for the exactly same reasons. Although the MC-101 had a lot more features (if you like menu diving, you can really do a lot with it).

So, you’ve mentioned that you have 2 Octatrack MKii’s. The Octatrack has a lot of appeal to me due to the build, SD slot, slicing, etc., but the workflow from multiple reviews I’ve seen makes me pause. Is it worth looking into vs. starting with a Digitakt (or waiting for a next rev)? I also like that I could plug in my electric guitar to experiment with sound effects.

Concerns I have on Octatrack MKii are: UI, menu diving, usability for Elektron beginner (think someone coming from NI Maschine and Ableton), time to learn, etc. Would love some thoughts and/or website recommendations that pointed you in a good way to gain understanding. I know the last is a huge question, but appreciate any response.

Music styles I’m going for: Chris Liebing, Charlotte De Witte, Radiohead, Air, Pan Pot, Black Asteroid

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8 separate outs through d-sub connector :nerd_face:


so I’ll start with this…I purchased the Octatrack MK1 upon its initial release, it was by no means a fully realized machine, I think due to that and it’s complex nature, it gained a passionate reputation, some good some bad. Elektron was still just a baby lol!
So here’s why I chose to buy and use Two octatracks, I use one for drums/rhythm and the second for synth and bass. The octatracks allowed me to condense my hardware down to my version of a more malleable environment (I basically sequence and sample my various synths, drum machines, software synth patches etc) (I have a digikeys, two sidstations, SammichSid, sammichFM, MachineDrum UW, Casio CZ-1 and CZ-101, software Reason, Reaktor and a slew of external effect all the OTO machine boxes, a couple of Eventide H9’s…not flaunting, but that’s a lot of kit to try and stay productive and more importantly inspired) so I stem audio etc basically everything that I’m not running externally via midi from the octatracks, goes into one or the other respective of their purposes…yes of course you can do this with also with a basic computer daw set up…but obviously some of us buy hardware lol!!
the Octatrack is Elektrons most complex unit on offer… most of the features most want in an Elektron box are in the Octatrack, but…the Octatrack requires a lot of forethought, audio material, how you approach writing, understanding the machines structure, but most importantly your threshold for commitment to it as an instrument. the octatrack is a blank slate, it can be a lot of different things to different users, and approached in many ways…it’s for that reason most either love it or hate it. Some say it’s not for beginners but I think if you commit to your ideas and what you want to accomplish musically ,the Octrack most definitely will be an asset, but it’s a machine that requires discipline…it by its nature births rabbit holes a plenty.
Elektron machines are easy to learn and within a reasonable amount of time you can be a power user…the Octrack is an exception to that rule. For me I love it, thats why I have two, but I’m also a long time user and have a strictly defined purpose for them, this took me sometime to get too. The DT is a great sampler, it’s a drum sampler…some forget that lol! So it was never intended to be “that” sampler. If you’re after a more rigid purpose sampler that can handle long pieces of audio, sequences, midi etc and not wanting to get to go down the rabbit hole, get an Akai mpc live, if you’re attracted to the features of the octatrack and prefer the no daw/Elektron approach…it could very well could be what you’re after.


Definitely hit up YouTube, and search for tutorials and for videos that are using the Octrack in a way that you might find useful to your own musical ideas. there’s tons of great YouTube videos on just about every way an Octrack can be used, a bit of research is always good, of course the octatrack posts here can be helpful aswell…there’s some cool kats that have been using them for years and give you some pointers on particular details in relation to how you might use one

Thank you for this! Your setup sounds awesome and beefy as a MoFo. So you’ve talked me out of the Octatrack and for that I thank you for saving me quite a bit of dough. My DAW setup sounds like it should cover me well for the near term since I’m not playing out atm.

I’m now more inclined to go the Digitakt route as I want to take advantage of the easier digestion as a first Elektron device, sequencing/trig conditions and filter effects (the sounds engine is clean in just about every vid I’ve seen). The build quality seems solid. But, …will also wait to see if there’s a refresh in the works for an MKii as they are hitting the 3 year mark from initial release.

Very much appreciate your responses! Thanks for that! If you’re ever over the pond and play out in Philly, let me know.

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There ya go! The DT is built like a tank, easy to learn and sounds awesome. With sound locks it’s and P-locks you can accomplish a lot, with overbridge you can stream your 8 tracks separately to your daw (no need for individual outs, if you’re primarily focused on a daw/computer set up) transferring sounds is easy peasy from computer to DT with Elektrons transfer program…and of course you can sequence your finished patterns or individual tracks from your daw…so if you’re not as demanding on a “studio” ready version with all the old school requirements some of us assholes demand…the current DT will be a perfect for ya…cheers kat


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Splice sample to 8/16 buttons ala MPC and with reconfigurable options (if not available already).

Two Page/Fill buttons so you get 1 press 2 press and both press for 3 types of conditional fills for live performance. Doubling duty wise - pressing a fill one can open up to tweaking the reverb, delay and one more FX using level button on left.

here here to that

More FX (Chorus, Flange, Distortion/Fuzz, different rev/dly types) would really take this box to a whole other dimension but it seems unlikely that many more will be included. Also goes without saying that expandable storage would really take the machine to a whole other level but also seems unlikely to be included. we can hope though