Digitakt MK2 - Your Suggestions?

Hey Folks,

with Elektron making everything MK2 these days - including Machines that are not actually “old” (Heat for example) it’s very obvious that we will most likely see a Digitakt MK2 in the near future (maybe sooner than we guess :wink: ).

So let’s give Elektron some hints what they should improve - so that the inevitable will be the most rewarding for us all!

Here are my suggestions:

  • 8 Audio Tracks + 8 Flex Tracks (individually configurable as either MIDI-Tracks or Audio Tracks)
  • Compressor Sends for each Audio Track (could also come as an Update to the MK1)
  • Configurable Track Effects (maybe on a second AMP Page)
  • a second LFO; to complement the first one (with less Parameters if necessary, but still freely assignable)
  • Master Effects should be able to affect the Input if you so desire
  • at least one additional Stereo Output Pair with flexible Track Routing (on Mini-Jacks for example, to counter the Display Depth issue they once mentioned)

And here are the suggestions from other’s who participated in this Thread so far:

  • Transposing all trigs from a track.
  • Stereo monitoring (optional, still mono sampling).
  • To be able to share the same kit for few patterns (Or an extended mode like MD).
  • Zoom-Function for loaded Samples
  • extended Sampling-Time (2 min or more)
  • USB3 for faster Data Transfer
  • more Storage on the +Drive (8GB maybe?!)
  • Second Filter per track, ala Digitone (FLTR PAGE 2)
  • TEMPO MULTIPLIER in scale page.
  • Parametric EQ (1 per channel and master)
  • Master Channel LFO that can modulate the Reverb, Delay, Compressor, or Mixer controls.



Hi, all you are suggesting could be done in the mk1, except the aditional stereo output. The only limits would be the DSP limits to processing. After all, other machines mk2 doesn’t add too much, except more hardware buttons and little details.

My suggestions would be (for mk1):

  • Transposing all trigs from a track.
  • Stereo monitoring (optional, still mono sampling).
  • To be able to share the same kit for few patterns (Or an extended mode like MD).

Along with most of what has been mentioned so far I would like layered or some kind of priority based conditional trigs
more fill options would be nice too
I suppose stereo sampling would be good but only if it worked well in practice, better monitoring is needed although I think it should be improved on the original as well, as it is pretty useless at the moment.

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what about a new octatrack?


Yeah, that would be awesome, how could i forget that! Transposing would be a welcome addition, yeah, but Stereo Monitoring would be killer. That way you could use the Digitakt to record other Gear along itself - if you dont have a Mixer (like me :smiley: ).

Yes, I agree. Digitakt mkii . The only feature I want is a free upgrade to the mkii for all current digitakt owners :wink:


the mk2 evolutions we’ve seen is very much based on material sourcing, they upgraded the Heat to mk2, because they want too source only the new screens and encoders. Way cheaper and more effective to order only one type in bulk. The digitakt already has the newest components, and it is very unlikely we’ll see a mk2 anytime soon. Don’t want to bring someone’s hopes down at all. But I think it’s best to stick with the feature request thread for now :slight_smile:


My suggestion would be to f*ck off with the MK2 shit :wink:



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Mk3 it IS then!


SONGMODE!!! Seriously.

Also, work out the bugs (at least the majority of them) before you release it. Don’t release the Beta versions unless you’re going to pay us to be Beta testers.


SONGMODE!!! Seriously.

This, ladies and gentlemen. Nuff said.


Unless they are running out of parts for the dt and the rest of the current line up I don’t think a dt mkii is in the near future. Clearly they made a bad choice on the heat mki by using parts that were diminishing in stock. But they’ve been pretty clear that parts were a major reason leading to the mkii upgrades to their product line.


Cross fade looping of sample
Snap to 0 point while editing sample
fade in/out selection of sample
time stretching
re-pitch sample while editing
slice sample
step lock samples from slice chain.
wider pitch range for playing sample chromatically .


Christ, I hope there’s not a DT MKII coming for years at least. The Digitakt is an amazing, extremely current machine that is lacking a few nice features. Better chaining and an ability to zoom once a sample is loaded would be great. OB driver is working so well already and will be in the hands of everyone before much longer. The pros FAR outweigh the cons, and people complaining about it likely never used it enough to feel like it was an extension of their creative mind. Creating something new is SO FAST on the DT. The fuck is this talk about a MKII?!? Maybe this is just for fun and I’m being way too serious. Lets talk feature requests for the MKIII!


Yeah, but what should it have? The OT is pretty much perfect :slight_smile: Apart from better Effects i dont see what an OT2 could bring to the table …


Absolutely. But its just … i have the feeling that it wont take too long for a MK2 in spite of that. With the Heat they said that they’ve run out on Parts which was the reason for a MK2 (as far as i know), with the DT they find other reasons to make a MK2.

And it makes sense. New machines make money. Firmware Updates dont.

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Nah. The OT and OTmkii is the DT mkii. The DT was made to get people into elektron at a lower price point. That’s it really… If people see a trend of mkii mkiii mkiv etc when firmware could have been easily added, they will stop investing in Elektron, and go elsewhere… elektron will expand their line in other ways… wavetable synth perhaps, maybe some euro modules, effect boxs. Etc… there are avenues open without selling a firmware update as a hardware purchase.

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If we could extend the sample time to like 2 mins that would be a huge game changer for me personally. Other than that maybe just one more set of outputs and yeah the ability to add effects to the live input.

But longer sample time! All I really would like out of it.

mkii ?
ha , i’m going to type the obvious.

finish mk1 first, overbridge !! , bugs , just read through the 100’s of pages on this forum… just a small fraction of the actual issues being fixed would be nice (the forum is obviously not a true reflection of the problems , a lot is user error , suggestions , change of work flow , and new features that we feel we are owed when in reality we should only expect what has been committed to publicly … .i dont ever remember anything to do with song mode being mentioned ).

but mk1 is already using their new encoders , screen , cpu’s , buttons , form factor . i dont / hope theyre not already making it.

typical things we’d like .
more fx , more outs , stereo through , external stereo processing of audio through fx, stereo samples , more memory , more advanced sample playback options like they had in the 90’s , drum roll , bluetooth integration , playing the 1st step of a pattern ).
it would need a big update , more than rytm/analog4/octatrack have had … theyre probably better off doing something new , even if its full of issues with the firmware… new things help to distract people … it takes a while for the firmware issues to surface , by which time the marketing and hype has kicked in and early adopters are on board and they’re more prepared to deflect those issues ‘were working on it’ …

something that has no issues … maybe another usb lead , carry case (although i haven’t tried one , i’m assuming the devices actually fit in them). give the community a chance to get fixes and feel happy and content again… perhaps remember to stop venting on forums and actually use the gear (this is definitely directed at me … i keep telling myself to stop visiting).

they probably wouldn’t put ‘feature XXX coming soon’ on the box , i think that has caused a few headache’s .