Digitakt Manufacturing Defect - Anyone else get this?

Lots of special editions DTs I’m seeing. Congrats!


He is the 2nd one with the no button up side down. Not so special anymore :yum:

The one I liked best so far was someone who got 2 trigs with the number 3 and no number 4.

I already got my replacement 3 in the mail but I think I might keep the consecutive 2’s on mine just so I can laugh a little bit every time I see it. Or maybe I should replace another key with the 3? It’s not like I’m actually using the numbers to know where in the pattern a note is…


You can probably fix that yourself - Elektron’s support sent me a PDF with instructions on how to replace a key, you basically just yank it off carefully using pliers covered with something scratch-proof, or use the edge of a blade on the side of the key to lift it.

In any case, you could probably pull out they key, spin it around 180 degrees, and pop it right back in!

Not so much assembled by hand in Sweden I’m guessing. Bad robot!


So are they labelled Made In Sweden or no?

Feel like I enter another consumer reality here - where it’s become the norm to hear about people having to take pliers to new stuff they just spent hundreds on!

With buyers like you guys what company even needs quality control?


Not currently at home so I can’t check the label, however, I can say that I don’t mind the steps required to replace something like this. Sure, the need for replacement is caused by a quality control issue, but the steps required to replace something seem just about right. What’s wrong with a machine where you can easily replace the buttons on your own without special tools or getting it repaired? I prefer that!


Made in Sweden!

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Ok yes. Agreed - knowing that it can be done relatively easy if the need came up is a plus. But straight out the box…?

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Didn’t the teaser have neon buttons flying through space?

Turns out it was a live feed from the assembly workshop


My Digitakt appears to have been assembled in the Taiwanese part of Sweden.

I was having a HARD TIME figuring out how to record… I was thinking “man, this interface is really not intuitive…” turns out it’s just MINE that is confusing… lol.


Will they allow us to open it to change the key?
Or does that void warranty?
I’m 100% fine with replacing it myself… (even more fine with a free T-Shirt for my troubles) :wink:

Opening it isn’t required for changing the keys. They all pop off the top and can be replaced with no intrusion into the electronics!

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They probably ordered too many #2 buttons, and need to get rid of some… hoping we won’t notice. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No need to open it up and no warranty voided for replacing the key. You will get instructions on how to take it off. You need a steady hand and patience. Advised is to use a small pair of pliers with with the metal bits taped in electrical tape so you can’t accidentally damage it. Or you can use a flat screwdriver and carefully push it on the key taking it out without touching/scratch the metal.

Personally I prefer the pliers to the flat screwdriver. To each their own I think. Use what you’re comfortable with. And if you don’t dare because you don’t want to scratch your machine you can return it to where you bought it from. If it’s Elektron they will take care of it for you.


I have to say though… even though it’s just a basic sampler… is it just me or does it sound extremely robust and rich? The sound engine is so clean. I’ve got a lot of issues with it so far, but I also can’t help but like it.

The yellow “FUNC” button goes “spppprroooinnnnggg” whenever I press it… lol. The build quality is rough compared to all the other Elektrons. It sort of feels like another company tried to copy Elektron – it definitely has a completely different feel to it.

There’s a sort of consistency to the feel of all Elektron machines and this one is way different.

It sounds amazing indeed! For fun I sampled some SW radio noise and channels passing by. Amazing results when mangled and filtered and thrown into the delay and reverb. It’s a toy and an instrument at the same time :yum:

I went through Sweetwater, so I’ll probably be getting a replacement. They’re usually really cool about it though, and they let you hold the problematic one while they get you the replacement.

Yeah, and I agree about a flat screwdriver, it’s very easy to scratch the paint off the metal by accident.