Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?


But you cant move between patterns which have the same sounds but different melodies. I think that might be what some of the others are referring to, that is what I think would be great at least. That you have a sound linked between patterns, so in pattern 1 you have melody 1, and in pattern 2 melody 2, played by the same sound. And if you change the filter cutoff in pattern 1, this cutoff will stay the same when you get to pattern 2, not jump to a predetermined value set in pattern2, so you get a seamless transition into the new melody. But I might be misunderstanding what people are referring to, this is a bit confusing because a lot of the terminology is kind of unclear to me.


Hey does it work the same way for digitakt? Where you can copy a pattern, load up a different project, and then paste it?


You can but the samples wont go with it, they will need putting in the same slots in the new project. It may be quicker to copy all the tracks to the sound bank, copy the pattern and reasign them once you paste in the new project rather than going through the sample list.


I never thought about this till the other day, but with the ol kit structure and 128 kits, 128 patterns…
By being able to load any of the 128 kits to each pattern yields:

possible combinations of kit/pattern variations per project… :slight_smile:


I agree with this.

The ability to copy a kit from one pattern to another would be great to have, and it would not disrupt those that want to keep it as-is.

For me I find that I fine tune sounds by using them in a composition which spans multiple patterns.
And yeah, I know I can use [TRK]+[REC] to copy a sound, and [TRK]+[STOP] to paste that sound to another track.

Without the ability to copy and paste the kit, it’s a lot of steps to update patterns.
When you get 6+ patterns for a composition, it’s gets crazy double checking every pattern to make sure all the sounds are right.


100% this for me. If the DT worked any other way regarding this it would mess me up so much. I’d rather develop patterns as I go and not have new tweaks I make effecting older patterns I was happy with.

Someone mentioned what if they wanted to change the kick for all patterns?

Just copy the damn kick part to all of the patterns you want. It’s really not a big deal. It’s actually even easier because you could copy just the kick if that’s all you wanted to change and not worry about messing other instruments up if you for instance opened a pad’s filter in a different pattern.

And rejoice in the ability to choose a different kick per pattern if you decide that’s what works. Very flexible. The method you guys want already exists. Copy those parts.

The want for kits to be locked across all patterns just for your slight convenience is ridiculous.

The want for a handy copy all parts at once separate from the trigs is totally a good idea I’m all for. :+1:


Can we flag to keep this up? I still feel like there was some good conversation that could help others in the future.

Also sorry if I was a bit of a butt in my post right above this.

I’m all for requesting improvements to gear if they are needed and I don’t think the companies are infallible. The benefit of this specific workflow just happens to be right up my alley so I got too invested :smiley:


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Oooh I misunderstood and thought that message was regarding this entire post as a whole.

I get it now.


Last night I copied 3 patterns with their kits to a new project, and wanted to share how I did it.

  1. Export each track sound to 8 available slots in order (I just use the default name for each)
  2. Copy the active pattern
  3. Switch projects (and save changes)
  4. Paste the pattern
  5. Set the sound of each track to the 8 you created in step 1
  6. Delete the 8 sounds from the +Drive (optional)

In the past when I did this, I jumped between the two projects 8 times (to paste each track sound).
When you set the sound on a track it adds the needed sample to that project.
Since each track has a copy of the sound, you can clear the ones in the +Drive if you want.

I wish there was something with less steps, but it was workable for me.
If anyone has something with less steps, please let me know.

Best regards,