Digitakt factory content missing?


File a support ticket. Mine was shipped without factory samples and it required a replacement. That may not be the case for you but it sounds like it could be the same problem.


I did, I’m afraid it is the same situation for me. Frustrating because I will loose all projects & samples. :cry: Also there isn’t another shipment of units into the UK until the middle of next month.

Hope you got your replacement sorted!


I started a new thread so people could see but I have 64 preset sounds in the func+level sounds menu. They appeared after a factory reset


I noticed a thread where a few people reported the sounds bank was empty and others stating it is supposed to be like that.
Well I found them.
They weren’t there to start with. Mine was also empty. Did a factory reset and they appeared along with 8 more patterns in bank b.
So my factory content are a full bank a and b
64 preset sounds in the sounds bank (func + level)
Hope that helps.


this seems to have been a cause of a lot of confusion since the launch.

the marketing says ‘400 samples’ which is what i got .
but i think the terms ‘sounds’ and ‘samples’ got mixed up with people.
the sound browser , which has its own knob/ shortcut is perhaps where people would head to expecting something , otherwise why would it have its own knob.?.

i guess it’ll calm down a little as devices ship with 1.03 which includes some ‘sounds’ .

personally i updated but didn’t factory reset , i think i understand the architecture so its all good.
once you start using mutiple samples on the same track and become familiar with the engine i dont feel the need to have sounds , i just quickly set things up as needed and keep my samples organised.



I found a shop that had one Digitakt left in stock and got it yesterday. :slight_smile:
It has 1.03 but when I look in the +drive sound manager there are just 64 samples on board.
Is this normal? I thought there will be about 400 samples to work with.
If I update to 1.04 will there be those samples or where can I get them from?

thx for your help,


Sounds are not samples.
Sounds are composed of samples. Sounds are like “patches”, they include various parameter settings, and the sample assignment.

There are no samples in the sound browser. The sound browser holds sounds.

Check the free PDF manual, available, on Elektron’s website.


Did you get this sorted if not did you buy this from gear4music in the uk and recently return it as I have a unit with same issue which they sold me as box open but only opened for inspection and otherwise brand new but when I got it the actual Elektron box arrived with a previously used DPD label sending the unit to gear4music. They had covered this over with further plain white stickers.



Hi, Just bought Digitakt and I only have some sounds on bank A , others are all empty…

I know the difference between sounds and samples but I’m surprising there s only one bank of sounds…

there are some free (or not) on elektron web site but only samples… not sounds…


Of course. Why would you want a set of preset sounds? Samples are more useful because you can edit them with all parameters available to edit them as you want.


My Digitakt just arrived! Unfortunately, it comes without any samples. There are no samples in Ram when I boot the machine. And there are no samples in the +Drive when I use the browser. There is only one project in the +Drive called Presets. This project has pattern data and sound data, but no samples. Tried to do a Factory Reset but still no samples. :frowning:

Is it possible to load the factory presets using the Transfer app?


Pretty sure you can get them yeah.

You can survive without though, i mean most people move on from them pretty quickly.
I’ll admit their oscillators shots and the synths single notes are quite useful though.


Pretty sure you can get them yeah.

Cool. I’ve contacted Elktron support about this. I will wait for a response.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to load a sample into the machine via the Transfer app, but I’m getting “Failed to copy file”. This were my steps:

  1. Created a blank new Project.
  2. Went to the “Settings > Samples” page. All empty, as expected since this is a new project.
  3. Selected “Upload here”. Got a “Write protected dir”. Ok.
  4. Tried to create a new directory. After choosing a name, when I tried to save the new dir i got this message: “Error”.
  5. Anyway, tried to upload samples via the transfer app. Got “Failed to copy file”.

Hmm. Am I doing something wrong?


I’ve just formated +Drive (all data), created a new project and now I’m able to transfer files, and save recorded samples. Yay!

Update: The factory samples directory structure is now visible (after the format), but empty of samples.


Hello all,

I’ve had my DT for a couple weeks and already having tons of fun with my own sounds, but …

According to Elektron, the DT comes with:

“400+ Factory Samples including:
5 acoustic drum kits — 4 of which by That Sound
23 electronic drum kits
42 synth one shots
44 synth stabs and pads
83 single cycle oscillators and noise loops”

I can’t seem to find them on the machine. When I bring up the Sound Browser, I see 64 sounds in bank A and nothing in the other banks. What am I doing wrong? I must be missing something.


Samples and sounds are 2 different things. Think of sounds like patches. Sample+all parameter data=sounds. The factory content is samples, not sounds and those are located in the +drive in a folder called factory.




OK guys, thanks. I see the individual samples now.


Just got my DT today and am having the same issue OS1.04
Also cannot get back to factory content after select it.
I bought it from Musicians friend as an open box.
after following this topic ,
I’m thinking it may have been a return from a fed up buyer.
I’m thinking of returning it myself if it isn’t resolved within the return policy time.


Does anybody read this thread before posting about missing content ?

Yes , I’m feeling grumpy.