Digitakt factory content missing?

I would suggest, Read through the thread, consider the things it says. Try the things mentioned. If you are still having trouble, return it. Good luck.

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guys i had the same problem , its not a problem

all I did was do a factory firmat and everything was there again

turn digitakt off, press func and keep pressing func then turn digi on

now press 3

this is what I did, lost everything but gained everything!


I just bought a brand new DIGITAKT (delivered with latest os 1.04) and it makes no sound : (
And i can’t also find no Factorypreset sounds. Do i something wrong, or i got one without preset sounds?! Can I get the preset sound from anywhere, or must i return the DIGITAKT?

Thank you very much !!!
I am really down now, i wanted start directly make sounds with the on board material…

Have a nice evening!


This was an issue when it first came out. It might have carried onto your device.

Off the bat, try to open a new project and see if defaults at least appear. If not, submit a support ticket.

Good luck! You’re going to have a lot of fun once the wheels start moving!

Thanks Ryan! OK, started a new project etc, there are coming no sounds :frowning:
I think i have got a one of these bad DIGITAKTs. Tomorrow i will go to the store again and hope to get a functional one. What a mess :((((((

did you try factory format , as mentioned by forsh about 4 posts ago ?

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You problem stopped being a problem on one of the last updates. You should look in the manual to see how to perform a factory reset and a restore of the default content before trying to return it.

OK, i have also did the FACTORY RESET what forsh mentioned before. NO SOUNDS AGAIN :frowning: i listen now over headphones , master volumes on, press play (the Subaquatic-Preset is showing) , but again no sounds?! Am i doing something wrong? or is the digitakt wrong? I have a Octarack , and i am not a total newbie. :((((

Let’s clear up you problem a little cause your wording is slightly confusing, and I would like to help.
Are you saying there are no sounds/samples in your box?
Or are you saying that no audio comes out of the headphones and l+r output?

Thank you : )
OK: No audio comes out from headphones and l+r output :frowning:
And i can’t hear/see samples :frowning:
There is no audio by first pressing play the virgin DIGITAKT to hear the factory sounds.
I would be great if you could help me. sorry for my bad english!

If you hit the settings button (the cog wheel) and select samples is there a factory folder that contains samples?

Also can you check if maybe tracks are muted?

if i press the cog wheel there comes the menu > VIEW + DRIVE then by pressing the RIGHT ARROW an empty list 000:off, 001:—, 002:— and so on
Tracks are not muted.

sorry by pressing the hell button there is a factory and a incoming folder.

Is there anything in the factory folder?

yes, DRUMS, SYNTHS and Toolbox Folders.
For example in the Drums Folder > a Acoustic and a Electronic Folder, both folder with a lot of KITS, but empty kits :frowning: whats that?

I didn’t know the Digitakt had a hell button, that’s where it keeps samples? :thinking:

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Is it possible you have global mutes engaged, seems odd that you can see the factory patterns but not hear them.
I am not sure there will be anything in the +drive untill you put something in there. Have you checked the sound browser? (function+ level encoder), its different to samples. All samples can be accessed either through the cog wheel if you are loading up into a project or with func+src followed by func+yes while using an audio track.

Yesterday I formated the drive+ hoping that the factory samples and sounds won’t be erased. It was. I know, my bad, but there is no clear instruction about the factory samples and sounds in the manual. I saw the Factory folder under the samples menu have lock icon, and hoped the format not affect the factory folder. It did! Now all my factory samples are lost, I see the subfolders, but those are empty! Tried a factory reset, I’ve got back the sound NAMES in the sound manager, but all empty. Only showing the names and structure without any content.

Terrible that I unable to get my factory samples and drive+ content back!

I thought a factory reset should have brought the samples back, I’m pretty sure it does on rytm, but looking at the manual it mentions sounds but not samples so I’m not sure…

Maybe try again, but I think I’d file a support ticket with Elektron, I imagine they’ll get you going again one way or another…

I contacted Elektron support and they were very helpful, they aked my Digitakt back to repair and sent a parcel carrier for the unit.

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