Digitakt factory content missing?


Sorry if i’ve missed it, but where is the stated factory content stored? Did I read that it is coming with a future software update?


The factory content are the samples in the “factory” directory which is accessed on the settings menu / samples option. You CANNOT access them by pressing FUNC + Data knob.


Still confused about this though. If it was not possible, then it shouldn’t be in the manual. I can get to the factory sounds ( I mean samples) via the project menu so no big deal, but it would be nice to browse and preview content with that shortcut.


You have to populate it by exporting/saving sounds to it. Where a sound is a sample on a track with all it’s filter/amp/etc settings.


I’ll give it a try. Wish it was clearer in the manual than “just press this button combo and preview all the neat sounds!” Hehe I can see wanting to save the samples you tweak. The Factory content drum kits are set up nicely with 8 samples per kit. I want to keep my drive clean and neat like that. I can see it getting out of hand very quickly if it just dumps sounds anywhere with no file structure. Testing that tonight actually. Will report back.


You can use tags and stuff on the +Drive thing. I have to admit I didn’t save any sounds to it yet so not sure how that all works. But I’m sure once we get OB/librarian it’ll be much easier to manage sounds/samples :yum:


I would say the “Sounds” are organized differently than “Samples” because sounds are meant to be accessible very quickly, during the live performance (using tags and banks). On the other way, “Samples” are supposed to be loaded mostly when preparing your performance, so their interface is more “logical” (folders) but slower to use.


It’s not the most straightforward approach, but I can it can becoming useful.

There are no SOUNDS included. You make your own, from samples.
The samples first have to be loaded into the project before you can use them in a pattern.
You don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to.

But when you find a combination of sample + loop/fx settings that you really like, you can save it as a SOUND, which is now easily accessible across patterns and projects.


Well I read over what it told me to do about 20 times finally tried it and it erased all my patches and didn’t even put in the new factory ones or sound bank… maybe I’m an idiot but my god that this is horribly worded… pissed about 40+ hours of work down the drain.


Well I figured out what the problem was an idiot and thought that the format project was what they meant because that was all that was in the system menu… but factory reset is actually a boot up command key. User error I guess but I still stand by that thing being written horribly and assuming you know that factory reset is not in the system menu. :cry: hopefully my mistake saves someone else


Does a factory reset erases patterns/projects that are not located on the factory ones?


It erases and replaces the locked preset project with extra patterns, and also bank A (the one with the factory patterns) in the unlocked preset project.


Cool, thanks!


Reading this through very confused. I got my unit today and has no samples at all, the folder structure is there just no actual samples within those folders. I’m on 1.03.


Try a factory reset on the early boot menu. This should bring them back.


Done that with no luck, anyone else still got this issue?


As the title says, still without any factory samples and I’m on 1.03. Tried everything. Factory resets, INT new projects, the lot.

I can see the folder structure but no samples within any of he folders.

Anyone have any idea as to what I try next?


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You should contact support. They are really fast in the moment.


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