Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


yes…i have this one:


I’m using this powerbank with Octatrack and Digitakt…works fine!


Today I received the XTPower 20400mAh powerbank. Approx. it can power my Digitakt for about 10 hours. I even can power my Blofeld(via 12v or USB) while my DT is powered. To full charge the XTPower is about 3 hours. Very happy with it.


Can confirm this 20000mAh powerbank powers the Digitakt via USB for about 8 hours


with this cable

A low cost solution, i think. €35/$40


About a year ago I bought 12000mAh Li battery back from Ebay for 23EUR, similar to this

Had to change the connector. It’s working fine. Probably too big for what I use it for. I like the no-bulshit blue plastic wrapper design of it. Only downside is that it charges slowly but it’s probably better for the elements anyway.

Digitakt PSU replacement

Great jam!


Did you end up finding one? I can’t seem to find any of these better 12V options in Australia


I just want to confirm that Rawpower 27000mAh can power Elektron trinity mk2
for about 70min

the only issue is that sometimes the battery refuses to powerup, so I have to disconnect all the adapters and plug them one by one.

here is the little snippet of my live set with this battery:

The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Anyone know if this should work? I like that it has an AC outlet built in.


Hey all,

I’m having some trouble figuring out the right size for the DC jack on the Digitakt.

I got this right angle adapter 5.5x2.1 female to 5.5x2.5 male but the center of the male side doesn’t to fit.

Any ideas?


Anyone know of a battery that’ll power Digitakt AND a very small Eurorack? Like 42hp small, power module is Row Power 20.


Im just here for the pictures of battery powered gear on vacations. Please, more … MORE.


I do hope someone comes up with an internal battery hack with off-the-shelf parts (or Elektron releases an official DIY upgrade). I use my DT and DN exclusively with a battery and it would be great if someone could find an off-the-shelf battery that could fit into all that empty space inside the Digi.


It’s 5.5mm x 2.5mm but you really should use a quality connector. I recommend switchcraft brand. If the one you have doesn’t fit it’s either mislabeled or out of spec.


What kind of multistrip you use for the 'trinity,right out of the battery please?

Photos and ref. please


Wh = Ah * nominal voltage

If the pack is rated in mAh then

Wh = (mAh / 1000) * nominal voltage

The problem is that not all packs release the nominal voltage value and depending on the chemistry of the cells and the number of parallel groups in series there are, this could range from 3.x volts to 14.4 or even 18v.

Note that this is NOT the output voltage of the pack - that’s after conversion. The nominal voltage is the approximate max voltage of the cells themselves in whatever combination they are arranged in internally to the pack. This is why Wh is a more useful measurement of pack capacity and power than simple mAh since I could create a pack with the same mAh but half the voltage and it would have half the total energy inside it.


I come back with an opinion (° - °) on the XTPower - Battery MP 23000A
fully goody for long hours of use.I will come back on its loading time …
Sunday sampling time with a newbank ,from Elecguitar loop !




I’ve read through this thread, but I’m struggling to find a clear answer.

I think I don’t quite understand the power needs of these machines.

I’m looking for a simple battery solution for using DT & DN in the field.

Would an AC rechargeable battery (like below), with a power strip work for powering both?

I don’t need really long hours of time, more just knowing it will be able to power both simultaneously.



Nope you need 12V tis all.

This does NOT provide 12V.

Find one that does with the right connector.

That’s ALL you need.