Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Hi guys, I’m traveling and forgot my power pack. However I did take the 12v power pack charger. Do you think it’d be safe to use it to use with the DT ?
Thanks for your help!
See the pic for specs:


Yes, this will work without any problem. Have a nice travel!


Great, thanks!


Would one of these work by any chance?! Via USB perhaps? Also - would it do any damage if I tried? I already own this battery.



Work via USB? er NO!

Look…DT needs 12V, these batteries are ONLY 5V so they wont work.

Basic stuff, REALLY BASIC…


p.s. try this; XTPower® XT-20000QC2


I tried to find the relevant information to establish if this would work including reading the Digitakt manual and googling for the power requirements and more detail about the power pack, but I couldn’t figure it out so I asked in case some kind person here might give me hand. Yours is the first response I’ve had on this forum that’s been unnecessarily condescending rather than polite, friendly and helpful. I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Thanks for the suggestion, shame about the delivery.

p.s. someone here definitely said that they’ve powered a DT via the USB port so that’s why I enquired about that option. I didn’t think it was a wacky question that deserved a patronising response.


So so sorry your upset…

Basic stuff bud, it needs 12V end of.


Not upset, just surprised at the tone of the response I got. Anyway, thanks for the pointer towards a power pack that will actually work!


if it’s 5v 2.1A, i bought a usb 5v to 12v step up converter.

Works a treat with my DT.

Search on Amazon, you should be able to find one. There’s also a few brand names mentioned on some of the forum threads. You might have to search through to find.


The one I mentioned works fine, left it on last night for 10 hours and still had over 10% left so figure it would be good for 12HRs.

I’ve also purchased one of the 5V-12V convertors, they will work also but will prob generate a bit of (RF)noise as they are cheap.



I’m having a look on Amazon and there are a good few options but many seem to indicate max output of less than 1 amp and also they typically have a 5.5mm x 2.1mm tip and I think the DT has 5.5mm x 2.5mm so it seems like it’s a less common size perhaps?! I’d much rather spend £10 and get a cable than spend £50+ to get a new power pack!

I suppose it’s probably possible to get an adapter for the tip to convert to 5.5mm x 2.5mm size for the DT.


The battery I’ve recommended comes with a selection of tips…

Including the one you want.

You can always chop it off and solder on whatever you want anyway

Another skill that needs to be learnt for any interest with wires.



p.s. I’ve measured the current taken by the DT and it <600mA, so around 6W of power.


Thanks for the suggestion of the power pack. If what you say about the DT power draw is true then I can get a step-up converter cable for less than a tenner and that should work. It’s low risk and I can always send it back if it doesn’t work, but if I can get 12V and 0.6A then my existing battery should do it. Cheers!


So you already have a battery?


Yes, I mentioned that in my post above. It outputs 5V and apparently, according to somebody in this thread, with a step-up converter to 12V that ought to work.


Yes it will, end of…again.



Well the manual for the DT says 5.5mm x 2.5mm, 12v, 1A so I thought that these converters that said that they only output < 1A might not work. But you’ve now clarified that it probably only draws 0.6A so I guess I’m good. I wouldn’t have known that without asking for help here, which I believe is what a public forum is for.

Still not sure why my enquiries here seem to have irritated you, but there it is. I appreciate the help all the same.


@tallrobphilp According to another forum post the Startup process pushes the DT close to 1A then drops down to .6/.7 during normal operation. What I noticed with the USB Step Up converter is that the DT will take a few seconds to draw the power to boot up, maybe 5 seconds.


We’ll see…

I’ll post on the convertor I’ve purchased from Amazon when tested.



That’s exactly the behaviour I had when I tested my converter that arrived last night from Amazon. It didn’t boot for a couple of seconds after I hit the switch but then it booted up fine. Haven’t used it for a period of time but looks promising!