Digitakt : External battery / Power pack options?


Looks like Polaroid joined the portable power party -

There’s a PS100 in stock less than a mile away from me…


That one looks quite nice… I think I might need one.


That’s what I’m thinking.

And when the Mrs has a go at me for spending again I’ll demonstrate how she can now iron in the garden or dry her hair in the car - voilà.


Does it come supplied with the correct 2.5mm tip for Elektron? - doesn’t look like it on the amazon listing.



Yes, there are a variety of adapters in the package and the 2,5 adapter is in the box. You don’t need any additional equipment.


The DC barrell voltage on the PS300 appears to be fixed at 12V only. Looks like a sturdy unit, though.


al fresco disco!


I get 5 hours easy on the Digitakt. On the Digitone it works fine but does seem to drain faster, not sure exactly have long as haven’t had the Digitone long.


Nice! But how did you connect the Digitakt? Via usb out of the Polaroid?


I’ve got the same setup - DT and MicroMonsta - and it’d be great to know that this works out, especially given the different voltage/ power requirements of the two devices.

Hope the vacations are going well :wink:


@mightlife Hell yeah! My setup works like a breeze! I am fueling the Digitakt, the Micromonsta and my Tascam DP-006 with that one power bank. For one whole evening of music making I used not more than 15% of the power. Digitakt runs off the DC out, Micromonsta with a 5V>9V step up cable and the Tascam directly via USB adapter cable. The step up is no problem at all, given the Micromonsta only drains about 300mA (or even a bit less) at 9V.
Unfortunately, my vacation is already over :frowning:


Can you use all the outputs at once? My current setup needs 12, 9, and 5 so this would be perfect!

Being able to run and DN and a few pedals would be amazing.

:edit: From the Q/A on Amazon it appears that it does — will confirm when it arrives this week :slight_smile:

:edit edit: It does!


Plugged in around other side - Polaroid accepts regular UK plugs (or US if you buy the US version)


So, available in Germany, which Powerbank would be recommended for powering one Digitone, one Digitakt, one Arturia Keystep and some kind of usb/midi host simultaneously?
I’m trying to build a suitable outdoor setup for the road and vacation.



Danke. Schau ich mir mal an.


Would this cable fit to power up the two Digis and a usb/midi host?


Jeg er ikke sikker, men den ser interessant ut. Kan du si ifra om den funker greit, om du får testa den? Jeg er på jakt etter noe sånt selv. Den koster jo ikke all verden, men Amazon selger ikke til Norge, ellers hadde jeg testa selv.


I get it. :yum:


I just couldn’t resist :wink: