Digitakt 1.07 first note randomly left out on midi start



I looked around the forum and did not find something about this issue I noticed today. If its already known then please point me to it :slight_smile:.

When I create a simple techno kick drum on track 1 on positions 1,5,9 and 13 and I press start on my Squarp Pyramid then randomly the kick on postion one is left out. This happens only on the first run on the track after that everything is ok.

So when I stop and play again, then sometimes note 1 is again left out. I see in the midi out stream of the Pyramid that midi start is sent. The DT seems to receive the command because the 1 is blinking but the kick will not sound.

Has anyone experienced this behavior?

Many Thanks,


Check your microtiming on the first trig. It is possible to microtime it before the start of the sequence and it will not trigger on the first playthrough


Same here. It’s not microtiming it’s something wrong with the midi.


I did not use microtiming, I can also reproduce this on a clean track with just 4 kick drum trigs. And its totally random, so I think its a bug.


Do you have any other Transport-capable devices, software DAW, for example or another sequencer, that you can test to send start & stop to the DT and see if the same thing happens? Just to see if it might be an issue isolated to the Squarp or a broader issue with the DT.


I have the same issue.


I am afraid I do not have another possibility to test since I banned my PC from my setup… Pyramid is my control center and my other gear behaves correctly btw… hmmm, maybe I can ask some friend for support with a software DAW and test there…


i JUST started a thread on the same topic. ill paste my initial post here.


My apologies, I did not see your thread, maybe an admin can merge my thread to yours? At least it seems like a bug and not a User error…


Please don’t forget to send a bug report to elektron. The board is great for other user feedback but it’s not an “official” place to communicate with elektron. if you want the issue acknowledged and hopefully fixed, submit a ticket to customer service.


I would if I would know where to do this or which email to write to, please enlighten me!


There’s a link to customer support at the bottom of the linked page


Thanks a lot, ticket is open now. Lets wait and see :slight_smile:


Oh no…you beat me to the punch. About 5 hours before me. I migrated my stuff here.

Sync is fine, it just misses the first trig when on grid. If you put trig 1 of page 1 at *1/384 on the grid, that fixes it.
Its a bit of a pain, not terrible. But no werking as expected.


same behavior here. posted earlier this month about it. only since 1.07 for me.


I thought id seen it. I even responded in there with a fix…that no longer werks :confused:

I removed that post.
Took the double tap stop post out too. That werks only randomly.


Strange thing about this is: the DT receives midi start but does not play the sound on step1. The light on step one is blinking but the DT remains silent randomly…


Same here.
Connect simply Mac and Digitakt via USB cable,but issue is happen.
Very annoying.


It definitely seems to be a bug. I’m using DT synced up to DN, and fairly consistently lose Step 1 (no micro-timing) when first pressing play on a Pattern from a stopped position (sequencer not running).

It’s a bit annoying since Step 1 is often a Kick, so it’s more noticeable that something’s missing. It only happens for me on the first go-through.


Have the same trouble in MIDI track B. Im using my DT as my control center, then MIDI OUT goes to JP08 and then to a VENOM. Im using two midi tracks, A and B, MIDI track A works fine.