Step 1 mute when digitakt synced to other devices


Since installing 1.07 when digitakt is synced to other devices or ableton step 1 on any pattern and any sound is muted when play is pressed from other devices. On second loop back it works fine. I do not recall this happening before. Anyone else?

Digitakt 1.07 first note randomly left out on midi start

Same behavior here when synced to Ableton Live


Check your micro timing on your first step. It is possible to micro step events just before the first trig especially when live recording things.


Same problem here, so it sounds like a bug to me…


Yeah this one got me when I first started using the DT.
Most likely this is the problem for OP.

My DT is always midi slaved and has not yet missed the down beat when pressing play


Interestingly even happens with brand new projects. So not due to micro timing. Worked fine before I did the update yesterday.


Micro timing was the first thing I checked, I dont think its related to that.


Not sure if this is what I was dealing with yesterday but if it wasn’t, will DT’s sequencer always play from where it left off when I press play in Live?
Is there a way round it?
I was recording with a guitarist yesterday and couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong, if anything, but it frazzled my brain.


I believe this is an option in LIve’s setting for output sync to a MIDI device. In this preference pane, open up the triangle next to “Output:” - There should be some options in there, and one of them I believe causes the transports to be linked.


I posted this yesterday in another thread. Same prob though…

I have this. I contacted Elektron about it and they told me it is an issue that they are trying to resolve in the next update.

If you look closely the “play” button on the DT will stay green when you stop the sequence. If you stop it from the DT by double tapping stop then you wont have a problem but stopping from an external sequencer wont reset the sequence completely. I had this with my OT and E2S and then I contacted Elektron. They told me to use the DT as my master and slave everything from that which is really annoying