Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Stella’s fairly nasty but they had an extremely successful ad campaign that has convinced people it’s “premium”. Not much PBR to be found at all this side of the pond. If people do know it it’s as the archetypal hipster cliché beer.

You find a few British beers in the US that people really seem to love, like Newcastle. Brits know it as Newkey Brown and I don’t think it’s held in quite as high regard by most people over here.


Magic Rock is excellent - a friend of mine does all the graphics. High Wire Grapefruit is such a great summer beer.


I highly recommend their Lupoloid pale ale. Really enjoy that one, though it’s a fair bit stronger than I usually drink.


Cool! Have you been to the on site pub? It’s one of my favourite places. Also amazing in the summer


No I haven’t, I live in London and I’ve never been to Huddersfield. But I am told their bar is excellent.


The best beer for sure :wink:


Yeah its really good. They always bring in different people to provide incredible food from all over the world. One of my favourite places to drink and I’ve been to a dangerous amount of pubs for a 26 year old


Funny enough, I tasted MagicRock’s Cannonball and Beavertown’s Gamma Ray and Smog Rocket on the same day (gifts from my best friend).
Gamma Ray (Amercian Pale Ale) and Smog Rocket (smoked) were on the top of the list, while Cannonball was a bit disappointing (good, but not excellent IMHO).

And Beavertown’s graphics are just out of this world. Like, really. :smile:

@finalform is dully noted. Lupuloid shall be on my next order ! :smiley:


Yeah, I much prefer High Wire to Human Cannonball, personally, but Cannonball is popular.


You know im not a fan of cannonball either. Bought a round of 3 pints cannonbal last time I was in Leeds and it was 16 quid!!


OK, I’ll give a try to your favorite Magic Rock’s :wink:


Haha, I think the most I’ve paid in London was the Craft House by Tower Bridge that wanted £6.50 per pint for Sierra Nevada pale. “Import duty, mate”, we were told, “it’s from America”.


Oh man, you can get a whole 6 pack for that much in the states. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is like our staple bulk good beer, it’s good, but it’s near the bottom of the list of good beers…
I live in the Sierra and the hospital here is Sierra Nevada Memorial. I got bit by a rattlesnake once and my buddy came running and said “do you need go to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Memorial Hospital?” :sweat_smile: I’ll never forget that…




I really like Gamma Ray, shame it costs like a fiver a can in pubs. I strongly believe in primarily drinking the local swill, which here happens to be Tennents.


What about Deuchars?


A dear friend of mine raves about www.beer52.com
Basically, like a wine club but for craft beers. You tell them what you like and they send you a selection based on what you told them. He swears by it.
I, unfortunately have had to go on the wagon but all the perdy pictures above are making me bloody thirsty! :sob:


Incidentally, I believe beer 52 send you your 1st 6 or 8 beers for free with a tasty snack. You just pay 5 or 6 quid P&P.


Too nice. (Also it’s an Edinburgh beer ;))


Just found this in the back of the cupboard. Got it on a shoot three years ago. It’s 10 months out of date but it’s about 12 quid a bottle!!
10.2% That’s gotta be the “Nun beater” :innocent: