Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Anytime i see prices popping up they are always in Pounds! Makes me wonder if most of the frequent users in this Forum are british these days …

Help me out, is this the case?! :wink: Or do i only get this illusion because im not reading every single line?! :slight_smile:


You are about to start another forum war!

Did this blast radius not reach you? :smile:


wasnt the intention! Im just wondering … :no_mouth:


Only joking mate.


jeeez what happened there? sounds like a nice fight going on, have to read through that thread later :smiley: seems i have to visit this forum more often than i do :slight_smile:


It was brutal, mods closed it overnight for a time-out on the naughty step and it kicked off (kind of) again when unlocked next morning and then finally closed down for the welfare of the community!

Well worth a read though. For various reasons.


It got bit embarrassing and best avoided


Turn on synth…tweak knobs…ahhhh life good


Svenska kronor. :thup: :cheeky: :thup:


Holy sht - I just read the closed thread… @CarlMikaelBjork please let me know when you plan on starting another nuclear thread so I can pull out my popcorn and soda :joy::grin::grinning:

I love my wife… she’s the best. i do what she says.


That thread really broke my heart. :broken_heart:

Why would U.K. Nauts sell more gear right now… I wonder.


British here. Still cling to the idea of being European though.


That thread typified a lot of current thinking to me. And typified how many people who seem to consider themselves liberals are really nothing of the sort. But I think it probably needed closing as it was not a very mannered debate. There was a section of people trying to out-virtue each other and a few voices trying to ground it in some tangible reality who were being swiftly dismissed as sexists.


Only definition I’m happy with is ‘Elektronaut’



Hard to discuss it without opening up the same argument again.
It’s over, lets all leave it.


Basically what I was saying.


Yep, 100% agree, I wouldn’t handle another shot. Please let it rot.


I am about to sell a ton of gear, but that’s just because I want to slim down my setup to up productivity, but there’s no doubt new gear prices are on the rise here. The Mother 32 and Push 2 are two examples that seem to have gone up in the region of £100 over the last 12 months.


sorry not sorry.