Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Wish mine had cost £200…




That’s a good pilsner. Their pale ale and extra pale ale are nice too, but the lager is surprisingly good.



Dude the lager is amazing - I couldn’t believe I’d missed it until I found it the other day. It seems folks are getting carried away with the ales and missing the amazing work the small breweries are doing with lagers.


Camden’s decent. This is my preferred pale ale though.



The Brixton Coldharbour Lager is pretty good too. Do you drink saison beers at all? Brixton did a collaboration called Brixi Saison that was mind-bendingly good.


Yeah that neck oil is something else


Oh that went quick…

From british Gear to british Beer. :rofl:


Magic rock brewery in Huddersfield is amazing!




Meh all of Britain is one big shite hole


I just love that brewery + graphics

Right after I saw this can, I went on their website and just went crazy on shopping…
:robot: :space_invader: :boom: :scream: :boom: :space_invader: :robot:


My Irish friend told me that Stella Artois is seen as a sorta low-brow beer over in Europe?

And PBR is seen as fancy pants beer?

(Basically the inverse of each other)

Can anyone confirm this?


PBR is not seen as fancy at all

Stella is ok but has a nickname: ‘wife beater’ and most people I know don’t drink it


God bless.

My friend told me PBR was sold in wood crates.

I’m happy to hear that about Stella, though :smiley:


There is an element of hipster delight at drinking something renowned to be what rednecks drink. I think a small pocket of yunguns are responsible for that but its not that widely available and when I have seen it its in small cans in pubs. Not many people buy cans ins pubs!


You might love the magic rock style like I do as well then