Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


'ave it!



Wakey wakey Fun Lovers

Edit: damn! We missed it.


Do you have (the Force)?


Your footage indicates you have bypassed our neutralization of human electronics, how have you achieved such abilities, Octatrack??


We must all strive to become OT (Operating Thetan).





That’s the most beautiful meme I’ve seen in a long time!


No clue what it means.
This and the OG case, I feel like I’m understanding British less than I thought…


Back to basics


Love it! What film/series is that from?


Hey sorry about your situation, @Bwax, but I think like @LyingDalai pointed out, you may have legal recourse. Worth checking out.

The main thing is, don’t lose hope! Hopefully if the cost is yours to deal with, that it doesn’t mean selling all your musical tools.


It’s from a 1996 movie called “Vibrations”
Very silly it is too!


Yeah man,
Louis is a proper filthmonger!
He da man!


Thanks, I have to see the full movie!


No worries.
Check out the trailer (of sorts)



Ok so an Eventide Space went up on Gumtree last night for 200 squids. I responded within a couple of hours but naturally it had already flown. Which of you cheeky monkeys grabbed it?