Did Elektronauts become "british" these days?! :-D


Just in case that’s not enough :ecstatic:

Oh, many, many years ago when I was twenty-three,
I was married to a widow who was pretty as can be.
This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of red,
My father fell in love with her and soon the two were wed.

This made my dad my son-in-law and changed my very life,
For my daughter was my mother 'cause she was my father’s wife.
To complicate the matter though it really brought me joy,
I soon became the father of a bouncing baby boy.

This little baby then became a brother-in-law to Dad,
And so became my uncle though it made me very sad.
For if he was my uncle then that also made him brother
Of the widow’s grown-up daughter who of course is my step-mother.

My father’s wife then had a son who kept them on the run,
And he became my grandchild for he was my daughter’s son.
My wife is now my mother’s mother and it makes me blue
Because although she is my wife she’s my grandmother too.

Now if my wife is my grandmother then I’m her grandchild,
And every time I think of it It nearly drives me wild,
For now I have become the strangest case you ever saw
As husband of my grandma I am my own grandpa…

I’m my own grandpa,
I’m my own grandpa…
It sounds funny I know,
But it really is so,
Oh, I’m my own grandpa…


So our French cousins don’t feel left out



@umonox is back with more Off-Topic :grin:

@William_WiLD: i have a hidden object game for you :wink: i mentioned you in the last video i did (which is online since - today :slight_smile: ). Here it is:

if you find your appearance … i buy you a virtual beer!! :joy:
have fun :relieved:


Yipikayé i find me @umonox :stuck_out_tongue: it was too easy


I was thinking we could have played where’s Waldo with this thread, but instead of old Waldy someone picks a device and we have to find it… :ecstatic:




Timecode please !!! :smiley: Nah, just kidding, here you go …



:joy: hahaha…
i will have a headache but thanks ! timecode is 8’20" :stuck_out_tongue:




So… Any british-nauts got an inside tip as to what’s going on at the palace?



Well that explains it


When you die at the palace, you really die at the palace.






Out of all of these the raw 1979 version just kicks ass - discuss if ye will.


I’ll always prefer this version.


It’s def got the energy of the '79 version :slight_smile: