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Sorry to be Captain Buzzkill. Didn’t know where else to put this. Haven’t been around much lately, after buying a house and finding out - after the huge expense of buying the thing in the first place - that we now will have to rebuild our entire septic system (possibly up to $20k, or even higher according to some estimates).

Naively, I was just looking forward to unpacking synths and drum machines and setting up my first entire room dedicated to a studio. And, ooooh, doing bass-traps and panels on the walls. Probably will have to sell it all. No more music making for me for quite a while. Might keep Ableton Push and go ITB. We’ll see I guess.

Yeah, more than a little depressed. Will keep listening and reviewing fellow Elektronauts music when I get some rare spare time. Listening to all your tunes always brightens my day.

Just wanted to say, keep making that music! Stay light, stay minimal. Live the artist’s life. Don’t follow the lemmings, don’t be conventional. Don’t “grow up”. Don’t buy if you are comfortable renting. More than anything make time for your art if that’s your guiding light and purpose in life.

And… always, always, always get all your systems thoroughly inspected when buying a house. :poop: :poop: :poop:

Anybody wanna buy a Rytm in excellent condition? :cry:

Sorry. Back to regular goofy thread.


Mate, that’s awful, feel for you man, property is a black hole of expense. Seems you were shafted by the vendor for sure.
You seem strong though, keep it up, all the luck to you!


shit man. the Septic System is probably not the first thing one would inspect when looking for a house. im with ya mate!! but … if the person/company selling you that house knowing that somethings wrong with that - but not telling you - you might be able to sue them. although that would cost something too and you need evidence …

other option would be to get a loan for rebulding this. that way you could keep all of your stuff, couldnt you? i would absolutely think about this option - for sure! nothing gets in the way of my elektron machines and me - not even a house :smiley:



I’m so sorry that happened that way. It’s got to suck right now but there’s always some way to roll with the punches and it always gets better again later. I hope you keep a piece of music gear that you really love, and maybe by focusing more with less, something next level could come out of it…
I had a minor version of what your having with the cabin I rent when I first moved in. It needed all sorts of stuff done that I didn’t know needed to be done including (just?)pumping of the septic tank, fixing a water damaged wall, repairing a shoty electrical system, and more. It took me a month or more to finally have the studio up when I thought it would be the first few days… In the end it proved to be an awesome place where I still live and I’m glad I dealt with it…
Shitty thing to happen!
Hope it all works out for ya…


Don’t know the law at your place but in France you can sue a house seller that hid blatant imperfections and have him pay for the repairs…
Seeing the cost in your case, you might want to check this with a professional!
The condition is that you have to prove that the previous owner knew it.



Man that sucks… I feel for you.

Sounds like you have your head screwed on straight though and am happy to see youre not letting this put your psyche down. :thup:

Don’t sweat it - am sure you will get the machines back sooner or later - in the meantime will allow you to experiment with a much simpler setup…


I was just thinking about how great this forum is, and I felt like sharing this song with y’all <3


I left this thread…but only to go for a ride in my car car car




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