Where are the women and non cis males?

+1 for unlock but enforced modding

as challenging as these discussions can be, the more important that further insight wrt the topic is at least attempted. One reason why this type of discussions often bomb is that they get derailed even before they really get started.

EDIT: Since this thread is now locked, I regret that we could not communicate this topic in more detail. Obviously this issue is very painful for many users, and too hard to discuss about without everything overheating. There is many generations worth of cultural bias, frustration and hurt to unlearn from both sides of the fence it seems.


Okay - here is the deal

We need a timeout … that’s all, park those emotions for an evening and come at it with some calmness tomorrow

It’s just a temporary lock, for the sake of community peace


Let’s try again then … If you’re getting worked up and considering responding please take a moment to contemplate if those specific words will inflame the topic or get someone else worked up … There may be a majority of men on Elektronauts, but i’m just as confident there’s a considerable majority of feminists too, so it shouldn’t be so hard to have the conversation pan out cordially, although the nuance of disagreements is never quite so simple …



What does cis mean?

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Thanks … weird though. Wonder what the actual letters stand for.

this is hopeless to be honest.
the direction this thread took…


Tbh this thread just reads like an excuse to circle jerk on how ‘striving’ we are as male humans regarding a struggle that simply requires change on an individual level. A bunch of musicians trying to over-intellectualise a simple equation and be more ‘right’ than each other won’t help anything. Just be cool/kind/considerate. To EVERYONE. Easy…

Doomed thread.

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Very interesting to read, gives insight into human behaviour.


true, it’s quite to the point.
if the topic comes up in the future, one could just drop a link to here.
good material for reflection.

still think it would best be kept locked


Please stop politicising these forums. I wish the moderation here was by Elektron employees only.
Sorry Avantronica, but you use your admin privilege to promote your own world view, and not for the first time.


Yer dont think any resolution will be achieved. It relates to how diverse we are in real terms and opinions.

Thing is that everyone posting above basically agrees with each other on the fundamentals. But then everyone tries to be more ‘right’ or get points for being more compassionate/learned than each other and the good will is lost in the noise. Yawn…

Not gonna change the world with a few forum posts. A simple mod post saying ‘right, peeps, let’s all do whatever we can to welcome ALL people on the forum and think before we post’ is basically all that can be done. The rest is just ego nonsense…


Yer the forum should just have clear charter with behavioural boundaries that encourage participation from all walks of life. These threads exclusively calling for individuals to raise their hand based on their sex, sexual orientation, skin colour etc can lead to issues. This should be treated as not relevant / off topic to the purpose of the forum. If people want to debate gender wars there are other forums on the internet for that.


You’ve been doing a good job as I can’t think of once on this forum I’ve seen mysoginist remarks or even sexual humour or comments. How often do flags come up?


I’ve shared no world view, besides it was the users, moderators and Elektron staff who requested the thread be locked, not me initially … please stop needlessly stirring and finger pointing in an already volatile thread

We do the moderating as we collectively see fit and Elektron are very happy with that I can assure you (including how this was dealt with), this is a users’ forum and they take the view that it’s best if they keep an eye from a distance.


How come a genuine and pure question about the nature of the Elektronauts turns into a kind of fight on inequalities and then reproach to moderators (that use spare time to clean threads for your reading pleasure, I remind).

Damn, Nauts, I had put so much hope in you !
I was really hoping everyone would either bring some depth or express how it changed their view.
But some took it personally for some reason, others added the pinch of acidity and cynicism to turn this talk into muddy waters.

This makes me really sad.
Right now I think everything has been said, Carl’s question has been answered : this community is not as open-minded as I would love it to be.
I’d like you all to think about how uncool your words were on this thread, I let you be judge if you tried to balanced negativity with as much positivity as you can, or just behave as a rebel teenager for the sake of making a point.

I close this thread.
Please, let it be the last time were we throw each other words that make the place less nice.
Always keep in mind we’re here because we share a passion for music. This is the thing that unite us and should continuously prevail, IMHO.