Cyclone TT-606


I have a criticism regarding Nuance. Why oh why isn’t there a 16th note setting for cycle length? I can’t get those 909-like kicks to trigger consistently unless they only land exactly at the start of the cycle.


Where do I go to offer this suggestion? This needs to change asap. Would make this feature infinitely more useful imo. Maybe just add an option to set it to always retrig the LFO or something if possible.



Sent them my suggestion. Strict 4 to the floor with Nuance on the kick really gives you a lot of great kick sounds though. Man, Nuance shape retrig would be so major.


demo from Cyclone. i didn’t realise there are retrig options (3 mins in)


Get an Akai Rhythm Wolf. I’m not joking this time : )
It’s the most immediate hardware sequencer out there right now. In my case it’s the missing sequencer for NordDrum2. And you won’t shed a tear if someone spills a beer on it.
@prints get a norddrum2. Your special ears will be thanking me for this special advice one day. You seem to be into sound design too. ; )

Ps. Not meaning to say the TT606 is a bad choice! But reading your posts i get the impression you are looking for more specific things offered by other machines.


Watching this video gives me the urge to explore my AR further once again :happy:


What? No way. I’ll have to watch more closely, it’s not obvious to me right away what he’s doing


It’s under lesson 10 in the manual.

Add instrument strikes to a pattern while it’s playing.
Press [TAP] to play the currently selected instrument. Hold [TAP] to continue to play that instrument for every step while [TAP] is pressed. Modifiers may also be applied by also holding [ACCENT], [FLAM], and/or [ROLL] when [TAP] is pressed. While holding [TAP], you can adjust the repeat rate using the Tone knob (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, or 1/64 note).

Again, so much under the hood on this thing.


I only messed with it for 5 minutes right now; gotta get ready for work. I couldn’t figure it out though. Not sure that this feature allows retrig for Nuance shape; I’d love to be wrong though


if you hold down tap whilst in pattern play mode it retrigs whatever instrument you’re currently on. no idea if you can trigger anything else tho.


I LOVE that you can finger drum on this!

Just go into Mute Mode (Func + Mix)

Tap the 16th step key (turn it from dim white to blinking orange) - and now you can finger drum all the voices at the same time, via the first 9 step keys.


The soft pads are nice for it too. Good for adding some extra snares.


Or sprinkling nuance LFO pitched High Toms in the break.


recording just happened to be 9:09 long - heh.

simple 2 channel recording. Kick on 1, everything else on 2.
processed with Qu-Pac limiting and reverb.
Just a touch of WaveArts TubeSaturator v2, and some panning in post.
No EQ.

The beats are basic. I was mainly wanting to highlight a few things it can do that the TR-606 cannot. (tones, timbres, rolls)


and the included case and dust cover really add to the value.


I dig the case; I don’t even use that plastic cover, but it does fit nicely along the ridge of the unit.


in the mix w/ A4


You get down with the mutate feature yet?

I like how it mutates but keeps things from being totally random.
For instance, if I take the HT sound and program a line of notes, and there are 2 accented notes, and 3 rolled notes (or whatever). The mutated patterns it generates for that instrument will always have 2 accents and 3 rolls. Really nice, and smart. Great for hats.


Wow cool. Not yet; I’ll mess with it later.