Cyclone TT-606


my understanding of the mutate function is it shuffles each instrument pattern, it’s proven to be very useful.

perhaps it’s just my ignorance, but does the time function only apply to the complete pattern and not per voice? i really should crack open the manual.


Mutate is awesome; very organic algorithm. I really wished I made a copy of one of my patterns before permanently mutating it, but oh well; it will never happen again I guess.


I’m totally using kits as scenes. You get 16 of them that are easily accessible, and you can do melodic pitched kicks and toms, make rhythmic changes in timbres, etc. It’s fun, and easy to improvise with.


Was really quite tempted by the TT-606 after reading this thread, but no way for the price they sell for here in the UK, can’t see them selling many at all here, unless it js just gouging prices as they are known to do, screen grab from ebay UK, first price is US Perfect Circuit second price is Juno UK, anyone who suggests this is to do with Brexit - No it is not, they are €498 at Thomann.


Really weird in fact, it is still worth to buy it from USA ?


Unless you can get it through customs with 0% tax, not so much

I’ll make do with the AR pseudo606 action. Maybe JustinValer will nail it and release the AR606 some time in the future…


complete pattern.


Call Juno - they’ll match that perfect circuit plus shipping id bet - I might even know for a fact :slight_smile:


Regretting selling my Nord Drum 2 now, as the TT-606’s sequencer would certainly make a capable and excellent companion for it.


You can always get a Nord Drum 3 instead now if you want though.


not really.
The ND3 appears to be vaporware, as they only ended up releasing the large pad version , the ND3P.

The ND2 has deeper synthesis, anyway. Can always add FX, but you can’t add the parameters they took out in the transition from ND2 to ND3§


Didn’t realize parameters were taken away; I only thought effects and stereo was added. Nord does the strangest things with the reiterations of devices they make at times.


Hmm, the TT-606 whilst a tad cheap looking sounds way better than the Arturia Drumbrute, which looks ok but sounds like a Casio from the 80s, I’d take the TT over the DB any day.


This is true. I actually had the DB on preorder right when it was announced, but quickly cancelled it after I heard mediocre demo after mediocre demo. It looks like it has a nice workflow, but the hi-hats and snare do nothing for me. Every time I hear demos of the TT-606, those crispy punchy sounds excite me (even though I already own one). I also prefer the compact size of the TT-606, and it has an amazing (fun) workflow. I have a feeling there will be a lot of DrumBrutes on the second-hand marked in coming months. I found I even prefer the Volca Beats’ hi-hats to the DrumBrute’s. Everyone says all analog drum machines need extra processing as an excuse for the DB’s sound; I don’t feel that way about the TT-606 at all. Where processing might be needed to make the DB’s sounds useable, processing is only needed to add extra polish for the TT-606. I think it sounds amazing with no processing.


^ Agree 100% that decent sounds in the first place do not need tons of processing, I think that rumour has been perpetuated by people who probably have never had hands on with an actual decent analog drum machine.



haha how did I not notice that? Exploitable? The clear plastic lid is the force field I guess… transport shuttle?? lol. I’m going to call all my gear cases transport shuttles from now on.


Behold… Review please?

Ps. Dear moderator, please feel free to split the thread…


Not me. I’ll never need a 303 clone other than my Abstrakt Instruments Avalon.


Want to try an Avalon so bad.