Cyclone TT-606


I really want to program Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” intro, and then freak it out


Oh , thank you for following up on that.
This is wonderful. I use 4 pattern blocks on my Elektrons for tunes.
So a project or snapshot = 32 tunes.
Even though I would have preferred 128 patterns to 64, having 32 kits on the TT-606 will line up nicely.


Did it come with the can opener included?

Ps. Got the 606 upgrade for TR8 yesterday (cheaper until nov 29). The hihats come very close to my original 606, maybe they are bit clearer to what i’m used to. The big win for me with the TR8 606 is the 606 kickdrum, with the TR8 controls. Tuned down and compressed, it rules. If i didn’t have that option i’d be hard pressed to choose between tt606 or drumatix…


Did the TR-8 come with the gaming keyboard included? :wink:


TR8 might be of consideration if it wasn’t for the pathetic pattern memory. Also, I would have needed to use 18 patterns on the TR8 to program something similar to what I did using 3 on the TT-606. It would have been less fun and intuitive having to double-time everything and awkwardly chain the 16-step patterns too. It’s funny how Cyclone was able to get right with this toyish $399 glossy plastic box what all the bigger devs get so wrong.


Haha, touché!
There’s currently two bundles available: one comes with a black felt marker, the other with a spraycan full of zombie-green and a stencil sheet.


Haha! I’m holding out for the bundle with gorilla tape to mask the fader shoes. :loopy:


clap sounds very usable. is there the possibility to adjust the decay ?


The adjustable clap parameter is “density”.
As heard here: at 4:41


thanks very much. certainly seems like a great machine. i was very impressed with the TT-303


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@AdamJay you are going to love this damn thing. I just got done hooking it up to this little effects rig of guitar/bass pedals I’ve been working on for months. I’m so happy with the sounds I’m getting.


This is the little effects rig I created for my analog drum machines. It allows me to send the snare to an overdrive pedal with a Neve transformer in it, the kick through an API transformer, and the rest of the mono mix to a Boss Dimension C to get converted to stereo. Everything hits the Allen & Heath, where I can add reverb. It sounds exactly how I wanted it to sound. Makes me want to cry tears of joy.


nice setup! curious to hear what the Tranzformer can do.


I love it. I use the EQ to cut the 400Hz frequency & boost the 100Hz, and I use the compression at its lowest setting because it’s too snappy at higher settings. When you set the gain just right so it barely clips, it sounds perfect to me.


I imagine it sounds heavenly.

Transformers are magic. I had a go last week with the JHS Colour Box

I couldn’t believe how much that pedal sounded like my old Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 pre/eq.
A Colour Box would add even more magic before the your Dimension C.
If only the high pass filter went down further, to at least 35hz, I’d pick up a pair for stereo work.
Then again, there is that switch to disengage the HPF. So I am firmly on the fence.


I’ve had my eye on that box. Initially, I was going to place a Malekko Scrutator before the Dimension C so I could emulate old school 12-bit samplers. But I really dig the grungy tone I’m getting with just the Dimension C. I can get it to slightly distort in very pleasing manner.


In an old southern grandma’s voice, “y’all need to leave my TR-8 alone. He ain’t hurt nobody”


That Colour Box looks interesting. Wonder how it compares to Gap pre73. I tend to record all vocals and guitars through one of those lately. Doesn’t have the Eq options of the colour box tho and obvs not practical on a pedal board. The Colour Box might be a good alternative if it sounds as good as you say and plays nice with mics… Will try to demo one.


Here’s me jamming out with my Avalon over the TT-606 going through the effects rig I put together. It was tricky doing it all with one hand, escpecially muting and unmuting drum parts. I’m planning on performing live with this setup.