Cyclone TT-606


The TT-303 has been dicoutinued (apparently) since the TB-03 was released. Roland must have threw the law book at them. Should see a new style TT-303 too.


Perfect Circuit has a black friday deal - $399. Couldn’t pass it up.

I got my (digital) hands on the PDF (beta) manual. Wow this thing is deep.
Between the instrument tone options, nuance, roll, fill, CY/CH/OH tuning + instrument timbre options, rim shot + clap, mute mode, individual outs, midi, copy/paste pattern merge, kit memories, instrument level accent, mutate… it’s everything I want in a 606. Just enough pattern/step memory for me too. It’s impressive how much they packed into such a small package.

Also , check out their forthcoming CR-78 clone


It all true! Loving mine. Had to order the 78 too.


Hey Prints, can you clarify something?
The Cyclone website says there are 32 kit memories, but the PDF manual I have says 16.
Which is it? Is there a 2nd page of kit memories?


Hey AdamJay - where did you find the pdf of the manual?.. i just picked one up with that PCA deal… cant wait.


Damn, I haven’t even set up kits yet. I plan on playing with it all day tomorrow while hanging with the fam. I’ll report back.


PDF Manual:


man, I’m sure these sound great and all, but the design really doesn’t do anything for me. I think it’s mostly the rounded corners—they look super ugly, especially among other boxes released recently with nice square corners…


how does the sound compare to an original 606? have the hats got the same mojo?


I’d say so. There’s independent accents for open and closed, so maybe there’s more mojo. When you throw in the cymbal they all interact in a funky way. Rolls are so easy to add; I really like how it has its own button. I haven’t played with the Nuance function which should add a whole other dimension to it all. You can get a lot of variation with the tone knob. It doesn’t sound as lo-fi as a real 606, and it feels like the Acidlab Drumatix (which sounds different than a real 606 to me) has a bit more high frequencies. I’d say the TT-606 might be closer to a real 606 than a Drumatix if that’s what you’re interested in. I actually love how much bigger and crispier the Drumatix sounds. I’m having more fun with the Cyclone than I have with any other drum machine to be honest. The color changing pads are great in this XOX format.


many thanks for the detailed response. wondering if i should let go of my original 606 in favour of this. always loved the hats, bot not much else tbh.


If you just look at the two, the Acidlab Drumatix appears to be the deeper box.

But, aside from the 2nd BD and 2nd SD the Acidlab Drumatix has, there is only one parameter that isn’t on the TT-606 but is on the Drumatix. And that is BD Decay.
The absence of that one parameter on the TT-606 is made up for by way of so many more parameters that aren’t on the Drumatix (Rimshot timbre, Clap Density, CY tune, CH/OH tune.)
“CY Tone” comes via CY “instrument timbre” section.

On the sequencer side. Drumatix = 3,072 programmable steps. TT-606 = 8,192 (including fills). Plus flam and rolls.

The system LED color is also selectable. It may not look slick like the Rytm or MD, but even with rounded corners, it isn’t half as ugly as the TR-8.


The TT-606 has the most versatile hats of any 606 clone.
You get tuning, decay, as well as various instrument “timbre” options.

That said, Drumatix hats are more crunchy and that is a component of the TR-606 sound that is missing a bit on the TT.


They’re both cool, but I’m favoring the TT-606 due to all the slick features it has. But if it came down to pure tone, the Acidlab has a crispiness to it that just sounds so good. That 808 kick shouldn’t be underestimated either.


Just messing around a bit. There’s compression because I never not compress my drums.


making excellent use of the roll feature, I see! :evil: :thup:


Just got a major gear boner for the tt-78. Any clue when that drops?

I’ve always wanted one but could never justify the cost. Awesome.


I’ve been hearing people say January. I ordered it 15 minutes after I saw the Perfect Circuit Preorder. I want that thing in my hands immediately after it is available. I love the CR-78 sounds.


I’m imagining your drum programming on the TT-78 and it sounds, in my head, like the craziest funkstorung vs. phil collins track I could ever imagine.


There are 32 kits.