Cyclone TT-606


Can the TT-606 send triggers from any of the individual outputs?
This is one of my favourite features of the 606. It’s great for clocking other old gear


Yes. I used each output to send triggers.
Accent helps!


Ok. Are they actually trigger voltages or just loud audio?
Can all of the outputs do this?
On the 606 the high and low toms double as the trigger step input


Loud audio. I used every output to successfully trigger all 4 tracks on my Roland TM-2 which accepts all sorts of triggers (used A4 CV trigs as well)


I see, what about the kick on the tt 606 ? Can the tone knob shape it into boomier 808 territory ? Or it’s not quite there.


Not quite there imo. Acidlab has superior tone/sounds, and the TT-606 has a much better sequencer.


TT is best when you want some variety, especially in the hats and cymbals.

But the Drumatix raw sound just cannot be messed with.

I sampled both to use in Rytm (and now Digitakt)


There a sale at Perfect Circuit in the US for $349.00 right now. Just picked one up. I sold my drumbrute (loved the sequencer for live variation but it was a desk space hog). As has been mentioned before, the gigbag, plastic cover, manual are all much appreciated. I can’t wait to get this sucker home.


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the build quality. No pictures have done it justice.


Well, overall I do really like the design and in my brief trials so far, it sounds great. But, unless I’m missing something, the tone knob isn’t working on my unit. I’ve gone through the manual a few times and regardless of what mode I have it on, that knob is not effecting the sounds at all while a pattern is playing. I went looking to see if I could find a firmware file to try and re flash it but the website doesn’t have a support page for thae tt606. This one may be getting returned/replaced quickly.


Yea that sounds faulty from your description.

Does it change the sounds while the pattern is NOT playing?


No, I can trigger with the tap button but none of the instrument tones change tones regardless which one I’ve switched to. At first I figured I was in a wrong mode or something but it seems to be defective. I haven’t had time to run the octatrack in it to see if the tone is effective over midi. Oh well, luckily Perfect Circuit is pretty good with returns and I’m in Norcal so it shouldn’t take too long to get processed.


I’ve read this whole thread, a few others, and watched a few videos. I really am interested in this bugger. But after watching a side by side with a real 606 on YouTube, it didn’t sound the same and was really clean. Some comments mentioned that the video maker didn’t have the tuning and such quite right though, so I wanted to see what some other users thoughts were. Is the TT closer in sound to say an MFB522 which always made me think of an 808 crossed with a 606?

If I want a 606 should I just go with the TR8 and 7x7 add on, or a vintage 606? Or are there good sample packs for the OT or AR I should get?

Also is there no bass drum decay adjustment on the TT?


Well, it took a week to process the return after they received it and perfect circuit doesn’t do holds so I would have had to pay for a second one ahead of getting refunded. Got the email today that they did find my unit defective but their website was being updated so they can’t process a replacement order and my money was refunded. They threw a discount my way(much appreciated!) and said their were a couple left in stock. I went on the site to re order and it’s now just a pre order option. I think I mightnjust grab a tt78. I don’t think the synth gods want me to have 606.




To follow up, they did end up finding one in the warehouse and got me hooked up. I sold my drumbrute (mainly due to the footprint). The cyclone stuff doesn’t have quite as fun of a feel in terms of it’s sequencer (relative to the drumbrute), I will say that it does sound better to me and it’s definitely a keeper.

Also, it looks like the tt606 and the 78 are both in stock and on sale at Perfect Circuit again for $309. That’s a killer deal for what you get, as these are (imo) the best sub $600 analog drum machine’s out there right now.


Oh man, did you have to mention that… had my eye on the TT-78 for a while now…


Haha! Do it!


I’m considering one of those drum machines. For some uses I really like the Roland drum machine type sound (especially 808), but with the TR08 & TR09, TR8, TR8s and now the Behringer the 808 and 909 sounds seem to be omnipresent.

The TT606 demos sound very good to my ears, and it’s 336 euro now on thomann.
Just asking myself, if it’s redundant for me, owning ND2 and A4.
I guess the simplicity for jamming appeals to me.

as I never owned any of the TR’s, can anybody comment on the range kick sounds in the TT606 compared to the more famous TRs?


You can tune the kick on the TT, but you cannot on the TR. that is the main difference with the kick.

And in general, the TT sound is far more twistable and can be shaped in other ways. Especially the hats and cymbals.
The sequencer is also more advanced.

Sound wise it is smooth, not as bright and crisp as the Acidlab drumatix, or distorted as most TR-606s. It’s another variant on the 606 sound. Well worth the $.

It pairs well with A4. Neither get in the way of the other.