Cyclone TT-606


No love for 78?


We have a thread for that.

I think it’s cool, but I had to cancel my preorder.


Borrowed a friend’s Zoom MS-70CDR.
Running TT-606 BD and SD through it, tweaking some of the echo/drive fx algos to be drive only.

Now, all I want for x-mas is a couple overdrive pedals. :smiley:


Amazing. Instant GAS!


Build them yourself ! It’s he simplest pedals to assemble :slight_smile:


I like the utility of the Zoom MS series, though. Chaining fx internally to add more EQ, comp, noise reduction.
A couple MS-60Bs ought to do.

Heat, one day, if the budget allows.


Adding to the one handed iPhone video TT love:


Wow. Was that all just from the TT-606?


Nah :slight_smile: there’s no raw TT606 at all - I just mindlessly plugged it into a KP3 then switched between various pitchshift, ring mod and grain presets - quick, dirty, lotsafun.


Those nuance LFOs really make the hats and toms dance, though, don’t they?

And the TT-606 sits so nicely in a mix.

Like @Prints, I am exploring some pedals for kick and snare.
Such a great synth/sequencer foundation in the TT-606 to build upon.


Love how the nuance creates instant melody on the toms - very quick and inspiring

Dunno if anyone mentioned already but I just discovered the instrument variations and there’s lots of flavour there.

One wish would be that the mix page is “sticky” or that they implemented Circuit like tap v hold behaviour on the menus. Still very easy to use though even with one hand…


Yes, and a Mix or “Mute Mode” dedicated button would be handy, for sure.

I do admire how, on the surface, the TT-606 is deceptively simple, while a complex and powerful beast lays beneath, ready to attack.


Sold my Circuit due to poxy fb and web based stuff not working with me, and scored a TT-606 for £360, could not be happier, TT is a bit funny looking but otherwise means business, would be nice if it ran from batteries though.

Personally I don’t think it is really a TR-606 clone, quite close in sound - but not exact, but no worse either, in fact equally as good and in some ways better, not sure if I will keep hold of my 606 or not, I have owned 5 or 6 over the years, so probably best to keep hold of it, but might put it in semi retirement now :smiley:

The tunable sounds and addition of clap and rimshot really take the TT into 808 territory, and the nuance LFOs are very cool.

I am not too keen on the rimshot sound, but I have only had 20 minutes of play time.

Overall though pretty impressive.


Hell yeah man. Join the club :+1:


Well you and @AdamJay are mostly to blame :totes:

Another thing included that is nice - aside from the case and clear cover, is the proper and decent printed manual, none of this huge folded single sheet of paper with 18 languages and tiny fonts BS.

Actually the looks of the TT are not so bad once you get used to it, gotta stick some rubber feet on it though as it slides around a bit :slight_smile:


Well, so impressed was I with the TT-606 that I bought the TT-78 and TT-303mk2 too - like I need another 303/clone (3x TB-303, 2x TB-03, 1x x0xb0x)

Gotta say the TT-303 has definitely got its own appeal, seems that the mk2 version nails the sound a bit better than the older one, the programming is pretty well thought out and it has some nice performance features. I was a bit dubious before buying to see that it had a large number of ‘unerasable’ preset patterns, but it turns out that there is more to it that that, the presets are unique to each individual tt-303, and if you do not like them you can have it generate new ones, also you can copy and paste them into user memory for further editing.

The outputs are handy for modular use, cv, gate, accent, clock and run/stop, though note that the gate voltage is pretty high so it might need attenuation so as not to damage a modules input, I need to check but I think it is over 10volts.

VS the TB-09 there is little overlap aside from them both being excellent (but not perfect) 303 clones, they are different enough to warrant owning both, the TB-09 has features that the TT-303 does not have as well as some sound differences and vice versa.

The TT-78 is pretty cool too, I mainly got it for the percussion sounds, nice to process through the modular etc, out of the 3 machines it is my least essential, but at the very reasonable price and fairly close CR-78 type sounds it can add a bit of 80s chic to my productions :slight_smile:

Yep, Cyclone Analogic I tip my hat to you.


Amazing, what’s doing the bassline ? Sounds great.


Thanks, that was an OB6 (which I no longer own).


Nice :slight_smile: I considering either getting a Miami ( Can cop one for 700 euros ) or the TT 606 and maybe a Mbase or a Modbase to go with it. I used to have a RYTM that I sold because I just wasn’t a big fan of the synthesis and replaced it with a nord drum 2 and a digitakt, but i’m looking after something more hands on and tweakable. I see you have both the Acidlab Drumatix and the TT, from the looks of the demos I heard online the Drumatix sounds more raw and has that second kick drum, can you get the kick on the 606 into a meatier, 808’ish territory ? If you had to choose one would you get the drumatix or the TT ?


Acidlab Drumatix. That’s my favorite analog drum machine no doubt. Especially, since you have a DT to sequence it with too. The only reason I ended up selling mine is because I wouldn’t have been able to justify all the $ I ended spending on a Jomox Alpha Base preorder otherwise.