Cyclone TT-606


Thanks, for the reply! Sounds like a nice alternative
I prefer the sound in the demos over most of the other drummachines in a similar price range


I haven’t been able to find any evidence of this or the TT-78 supporting MIDI Program Change - so that patterns can be changed when an external sequencer changes from one section of a song to another.


The TT-606/78 both neither send nor receive MIDI Program Change messages.
They only send and receive MIDI note, CC# and clock sync/transport.


Gonna stick to my cheap Korg Volca Beats and drum samples. That works for me and way less expensive.


Thanks for the clarification.

I guess a workaround would be to use the MIDI CCs creatively, to create the impression of a pattern change even though it’s still the same pattern actually running.


Or use its song (“track”) mode.


Good to know.
But what if the TT606 would change your life?


hard to tell and for the price range other solutions like MFB Tanzbar Lite and Vermona Drum machine come to mind for a drum beat machine.


Still liking my TT’s, one trick ponies for sure, but it is a trick I never bore of, the separate outputs especially can really widen the pallette, eq, fx etc.

I have TR-606 and TB-303 and the TT clones are definitely not replacements for those, as @AdamJay said the TR-606 typically has a much more driven sound internally (especially hats, snare, cymbal) and the TT does sound a lot smoother, the snare especially does not have the (at times painful!) agression of the 606 ‘tin can’ snare, but run the snare out into some fuzz or overdrive and it gets wild AF.


aren’t the TRs one trick ponies as well?


Main features that I like that the TT-606 has that are unique to it:
Swing (vs TR-606)
Kits (vs Drumatix & TR-606)

Lately i’ve just been using the Ableton drum rack of 1900+ 24/96k TT-606 samples that I made.
Sequenced with OTMKII it is quite powerful. And a bit of Ableton Simpler/Sampler “filter drive” starts to push it into that Acidlab Drumatix territory. Plus I have access to all the different hat and cymbal timbres simultaneously.


Definitely and it is pretty much the same trick :wink: Didn’t want to give the impression that the TTs are more limited than the TRs, if anything the reverse is true.


I recently browsed the cc chart in the manual and I think the hh/cym type can be accessed via cc but I did not get round to trying it yet, so not sure if it is useful or not.


Everytime I’m thinking about getting a TR style drummachine, I end up doubting if they are really worth it, because of the one trick pony thing. Strange, since I like the sound of all of them. But I’m always wondering if it will give me a better sound compared to using samples in the octatrack or ableton.
I mean, there are really great sample creators, like goldbaby or wave alchemy.
I know, there are the nuances in sound changes because of the analog circuits and that every hit sounds different from the other. And that you’d probably need round robin samples.
Don’t know what I want to say, just thinking loud :smiley:
The TR sounds seem just so limited sound design wise compared to something like a nord drum, that I’m always asking myself if samples wouldn’t do the job.

I guess it’s mostly about simplicity and nice interaction with these kind of drummachines


Also it is the subtleties about how the sounds interact with each other, obviously hi-hats is the one that everyone thinks about, but also all the other sounds as well, especially when accents are used.

I use samples a lot too, and there is definitely plenty to be gained from using samples, but for me samples can’t replace a analog drum machine and vice versa. Both approaches are fun :slight_smile:


unless you mod it ;^)


Damnit, every time this thread comes up I start wanting one again. 606 is probably my favourite TR drum sound, maybe tied with 707. And the individual outs would be amazing for shaping individual sounds… aaargh


I’m on the fence about buying one again.
It was very redundant when I owned my Rytm. But now, not so much, and sequencing it with OT MKII and trig conditions plus mangling it with sequenced OT FX would make it more interesting this time around. The hats definitely need some overdrive.

There’s something about having a set range of sounds to work with. And the TT range is wider than a 606, but narrower than a Rytm.

But who knows, a $200 DrumStation might pop up and change my mind.


I think the TR-8S is worth considering too.


Twice the price and a bit big :-/