Custom-built furniture for a neat setup?

Just sold a piece of gear and have the money burning in my pockets. But what if, instead of buying a new synth, I’d invest the money in making my current setup more functional and accessible?

Currently I pretty much have to put everything back in the boxes/cupboard after 1-2 hours of jamming in the evening. What I’d like to have, ideally, is a full Batcave-type solution of just opening the door of a cupboard and start jamming! But I’ll consider anything that is an improvement on the current situation.

And since I’d very much like to include the Matriarch in that setup, it can’t be just a suitcase I pull from under the bed and put on the table… Anyway, the idea is to be able to hide/store the gear in a way that pleases the eye.

Anyone have any exprience in having something like that built - or building it yourself? Or would big (like, Matriarch-big) but portable be doable?

Any other ideas?

Tagging @Airyck cos I absolutely love your builds! The problem is I think we live about 5,000 miles apart! :laughing:

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Definitely experience with such things.
My number one piece of advice to start out, is to start with mocking it up with homemade things to get a rough idea of what your going for.
Use that fir a while, because you’ll want to improve it, change it, try new things.
Do a few iterations if this until you start to get comfortable.
THEN build the actual thing.

If you spend time and money to build it from the start, you’ll eventually build something else.

Mocking it up a few times at first, will solve a lot of things that you’ll run into.
Such as pulling and unplugging gear, how things are stacked, small preferences.

You’ll miss so many things on the first attempt, so do t try to build the final idea on the first go.


You’re absolutely right! Haven’t even decided if I want it in the bedroom or the livingroom (preferably latter), so definitely a lot of planning and mocking-up before I possibly pay someone to build the final thing.

Over time you’ll start thinking about a lot of things. You might decide to build something, you might decide to just buy somethings you can use.

I make cardboard shelves, stack stuff on blocks, use a lot of that 3M lock tight industrial plastic Velcro

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I’ve custom built a few things for my gear and set it all up, only to break it down and use stuff on its own. In theory it’s a great idea and to me fun. However, I rarely stay static and tend to move around a bit so ultimately those builds are collecting dust.

Not trying to sound negative, just my experience. I will say it again. I really enjoy the process and always learn something new each project.


Poplar boards from a hardware store are an excellent way to get started. Thin, sturdy, smooth, and usually cut to good sizes already.


Get yourself a cordless drill, a countersink drill bit, and sone small screws and you can build a lot.
Maybe some right angle clamps glue, even a hand saw.

You can build tons with just those tools.


Definitely sounds like something I’d do! :rofl:

The way I’d set it up now is to have space for two Elektrons (MD/OT/MnM/A4 mk1), a poly synth module (Prophet 6), a keyboard synth (Matriarch), two OTO fx and a patchbay of some sort, plus my Audient iD44 audio interface.

Having said that, now that I look at the list of gear, it’s a ton of stuff for me to be using. And I actually prefer to be using gear on their own. So maybe the ”problem” is just the Matriarch not seeing a whole lot of action lately cos it’s not as easy to store in a cupboard and pull out for an evening jam. Damn, I love everything about the Matriarch - except the size!

@bodymechanics Thanks for the tips! And thanks for making me realize this wouldn’t be just a matter of casually designing a piece of furniture and throwing money at someone to build it for me! :grinning:


Maybe a custom enclosure for the Matriarch is the solution. A nice enclosure with a hinged or removable top. I’d also have a shelf somewhere for EFX and/or a few Elektrons.

Order a set of cheap hair pin legs and when covered it could act like a cool piece of furniture. I made a quick rack with those legs. Cheap and sturdy.


This is what you want. I have one and it’s great.


Looks really nice! If I had a dedicated room for music stuff, that’s something I could totally see myself getting. Alas, right now the setup would probably have to be in our livingroom. What I’m after at this time would probably be something like an Ikea Bestå “storage system” turned into a cupboard of fun with some keyboard trays… An enclosure for the Matriarch with a shelf for some desktop gear as suggested by @Kegeratorz would also sound viable.


You finally got rid of the PERfourMER?

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This is definitely a fun problem to have, but like has been said above it’s really difficult to get it right the first time. There’s so much to consider from the point of view of ergonomics to layout and positioning. And let’s face it, we all like to move our stuff around so it can be hard to plan a design for that.

My first thought for you as well was something like the desk posted above, but mention of the ikea besta, are you after living room furniture that also has a part for your synths hidden in it?


I’ve gone through some iterations
Can’t stress enough to ease into it with mock up scenarios.

Currently I have a stand up desk with everything on it.
I’d still like to build a case that housed everything

It’s definitely a fun on going project.
Lately I’ve been considering getting an A4, OT, AR just for gigs.
Leave my desk as is.
Still sorting it out in my head.

The hardest part is making the back of the gear accessible. Sorting out cables etc.


Yep, exaxctly!

Haha, I think I’ve played it twice in 2022 but I still couldn’t sell it! I had a backup MDUW I was keeping for gigs but I’ve played two gigs in the past year so even though they were MD-only livesets, maybe I don’t quite need a spare MDUW just for that! :grinning:

After I said I’m not really looking for a studio table at the moment, I started sketching an idea for, drum roll, a studio table and realised the slightly smaller Audio Housing table (Compact One) would actually be a thing of beauty next to my piano. It’s 115cm wide tho, so maybe 25cm wider than I’d like but might be doable. It’s definitely not cheap but it looks pretty flexible for what I’d like to have set up at any given time: one bigger keyboard synth doubling as the master keyboard, two Elektrons, a poly module and a couple of fx.

Not saying I’m ordering one right now but marking it as ”maybe” and not ”definitely no”.


Do it.

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I def should have probably taken @bodymechanics advice on iterations but building something for specific gear when the likelihood of getting more gear exist, makes things complicated lol. I did doodle a lot before getting started with the table saw tho. Anywho, i gotta super tiny office/jam room that i wanted to tidy up the gear in so i made this desk/rack/pedal board set up. Def gonna add a shelf above it when i get more gear :roll_eyes:


Cool set up.
The thing that always happens to me on an iteration, is not taking some space needed to plug certain things in.
I like trying to make everything as tight as possible.
I also try to keep everything right in front of me at arms length instead of a lot of side by side stuff.

My first/current table is this one (some gear has been sold since I took the picture tho). Built it from two scrap pieces of wood and Ikea table legs. The stands for the Moog semis are clamp laptop stands. The crown jewel is the Ikea table underneath which is the perfect width for 19” rack stuff! :rofl:

The table in itself is not bad. The problem is it’s in the garage so not very comfy and it also gets a bit too cold in the winter. Plus it’s a separate entrance from the house which is why I often prefer to stay inside and work on a single machine on the kitchen table. The dimensions (of the main table) are about the same as the Audio Housing table would be. But for aesthetic reasons I wouldn’t want the current table in the middle of our living room.

So I have the space and a table, but despite some effort I haven’t been able to make the garage comfy enough to be inviting throughout the year…

Here’s how I had it set up for a smaller setup.