Crash? to dim orange lights

Hi there,

Haven’t had any technical issues with my Octatrack until now. I’m quite worried about what happened today. After using it for an hour and a half, it kind of crashed (all sound off) and only dim orange lights we visible (those above the page button and above the record setup buttons), flashing quickly and dully.

I powered it down and restarted it, but the same thing happened moments later. Tried it a third time, same thing happened.

Does anybody know what this issue is? I’d appreciate any help with this. Really hoping it doesn’t signal some issue that can’t be remedied.

Try Test Mode from the Startup Menu. Create a support ticket on Elektron’s website.

I hope you get it going again.

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Did you ever get this fixed? The same thing has just started happening to my OT MKII. Right when I was beginning to prep for a show next month :scream: :sob:

I had to send it back to Elektron to be repaired. Coincidentally, it started happening again just a month and a half ago and I though, here we go again, it’s going to have to be sent back again. But one time, instead of turning it off, I let it sit with those dim orange lights on for a while and after quite a while it rebooted itself. And since then it’s actually been okay. I can’t say I’m totally confident that it’s fine now – I kind of hope that if there is in fact a problem that it will show itself while the machine is still under warranty, but it seems to be working for now.

So, maybe try leaving it on when it crashes like that and see if it restarts itself like it did for me. If not, it will probably need repairs.

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yeah happened to me recently

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I encountered the same issue few times. After last freeze like this my Octa won’t turn on at all. The unit is on it’s way to Sweden now for a warranty repair

@Ob, @garfield, @provoda, MKI or MKII units ?

There are freeze issues with USB connected (apparently with MAC), just disconnect it after file managing.

Freeze may occur with midi feedback and wrong settings (which seems normal).

Gray MK2, issue was happening even with nothing at all connected to OT

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Grey mkii here, no usb, no midi loopback, no cf card, tried multiple power supplies.
Have now found a few threads and they always result in sending in for repairs. The scary thing is it always seems to happen again after people receive their repaired units.

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Well I got mine fixed, I linked to the thread of my journey with it :slight_smile: it’s the “CPU C200” that’s the problem component with this crash

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My MK2 used to freeze with USB hooked up to my Mac. But now I leave it unplugged and it pretty much never does anymore.

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