Computer Video Game Recommendations

@Dataline Any recommendations for C64 games welcomed, I think they will be a good distraction from this pandemic :slight_smile:

Definitely gonna check H.E.R.O!


Ahh , then we should move this to the game recommendation thread :smiley:
Yes, HERO is really good I think! I have it on the Atari2600 too, limited GFX but the games feel a bit smoother on that. Still, C64 has that sound and the Kraktros!!!

Favourite C64 games, which i still play:

Ninja (not last ninja)
Krakout (Oh man, this one is crazy cool, many different levels of it too)
Giana Sisters (Yea, up yours mario)
RIVER RAID!!! (Needs a remake NOW)


I think the best game I made was alien storm for c64.
And some terrible ones.


I’m 12 hours in to the new FFVII remake on PS4…
It is awesome!!

It’s sucked me in more than any game in years, the attention to detail in the world is incredible and the combat is great. They have added heaps to the game too.

At 12 hours, I’ve just arrived at Aeriths house for the first time. I think that’s about 2 or 3 hours into the original game.


It does look great! It’s the only Final Fantasy I ever played. I never beat it. Got as far as the large Casino city and then my high school life got in the way. I may try and replay this.

I did just pick up Dead Cells and having a lot of fun with it! Into the Breach is great also for a strategy game, like Chess combined with Pacific Rim.


Badland on android- excellent mention!!
Truly a modern platform classic :hole::new_moon::joystick:

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Thanks for this. A very well spent 12quid. I’m not a massive gamer but this is really engrossing and can get pretty “quantum!”
The litt’lun loves leading vast herds of rocks around. Thoroughly enjoying it.



It’s a rhythm based video game that sorta plays like guitar hero but with a main character who walks around with a cool hood and is made of wood?
Some of the tunes were catchy. I am going play this when it’s released


I’m playing the new update for The Long Dark- Winter’s Embrace. It’s brutal.
But I just had to comment about the sound design, specifically the electricity when you are in a building during an Aurora. When you walk around a room (if you are listening with headphones), it’s like walking around a virtual surround sound installation. The way they have captured and implemented the sound of the electricity ‘crackling’ is just great. Mika Vainio would have approved.

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Civ 4 BTS. I’ve been playing it since 2005. square grid FTW. Best version of the game.

Stevens Sausage Roll. One of the best puzzle games ever made. Don’t let the graphics fool you.

Anything by Zachtronic. Programming puzzle games. Especially Shenzen IO, Opus Magnum and TIS 100 are brilliant games.

Space Engine VR if you have VR. Not a game but a great experience.


Stephen’s Sausage Roll makes me feel incredibly stupid. I’m just totally stuck, and quite early on.

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which one you stuck on? Maybe we can give you some spoiler-free clues. I only looked up one solution (cold frustration) and I regret it. Best puzzle game I’ve ever played.

Can’t remember now, I stopped playing ages ago. I should try again.

Edit: oh I think it was the Great Tower I stopped on, but I’d had to look up a solution before that and was disgusted with myself for cheating. Can’t remember if I spent much time on the tower or just stopped because I wasn’t clever enough for it.

Dying Light, maybe one of the best games of the generation.
Divinity Original Sin 2(&1) Easily one of the best games ever made.

Stories Untold


You won’t have played anything else like the last two.