Compatibility AR / MD

Hello everybody, my question is very simple, can I drop MD soundbank in my A/R?


Edit: @DMNRD Were you asking about synthesis or samples?

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ahahahahahah it’s a shame

However it seems you can sample sounds within the MD and send the sysex to the AR !
Anyone know the reference of the thread where this was detailed ?

I had thought that @DMNRD was asking about settings for synthesis machines, but it is true that the MD can potentially send samples to the AR using the MIDI Sample Dump Standard.

If I remember correctly, no-one has yet confirmed that it works with MD to AR, but other samplers certainly can do it.


Thx Peter.
Actually, this was the thread I was referring to :

And you’re right, this idea is still on the “to be tested and confirmed” status :smile_cat:

@phesago You’ve got the MDUW and AR, right? Can you give this a shot?

Later in that topic, a forum member quoted Elektron support as confirming that it is possible.

I’ll give it a try tonight.

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I did this a while ago. Works fine.


W O W !!! what a new universe of possibilities

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Too drunk to funk… I’ll try another day :smirk:

Yeah it is possble to send samples from MDUW to Rytm, just make sure to connect midi out to midi in both ways (closed loop) so out from MD to in on Rytm, out from Rytm to in on MD, on MD go to globsl slot sample manager and send from there. You can also use other samplers to send, as long as they support SDS, I have used a Yamaha SU10 for both MD and Rytm, works great. Just be patient as fast it isn’t :wink:


I don’t suppose it’s possible to transfer samples from the OT to AR…?

I so damn wish it would :frowning: But as i said - somewhere in this in post - already:

the OT doesnt support SDS File Transfer. So it is not possible to send Samples from the OT directly to the Rytm. It doesnt make sense that its not possible, absolutely. I wish that Elektron wakes up one day and finally integrates this into the OT as well. But the OT slowly feels like MD and MnM felt years before they got discontinued … no new OS Update for ages … anyway, thats another topic i guess :slight_smile:

Yeah, Elektron - please integrate SDS File Transfer into the OT - finally! As i dont have the money for an MD UW at the moment i would desperately wait for such an update … it would make sooo much sense !!!

that would be amazing.

On the other hand, there’s still the notion of an iPad and Strom(which has some great sample editing capabilities and has been praised for it even if you don’t own a RYTM)?

However, I’m loving the MD so much that I’m actually wanting to upgrade(except funds).

I have said before about how great the Yamaha SU-10 is as a sampling front end, but I’ll expand on why I think every MDUW and Rytm owner should have one:

  1. It is very quick and easy to use, you can have it sample on threshold and it is very easy to trim samples numerically using the buttons and ribbon, so you can trim samples very tight down to sample level.

  2. It has various sampling rates from 44.1khz down to super lo-fi, but the samples for some reason sound really nice, almost SP1200 territory.

  3. At the lower sample rates the samples are pretty small, so transferring even long samples over SDS is not too bad, and for the MDUW you can fit quite a lot in using the SU10. At the highest rate you can get a couple of bars at the lower rates you can get about 53 seconds - the total memory is 384k! You can’t mix rates, once you change sample rate pitch on existing samples changes, but you can use this for creative purposes. Polyphony is at lower rates 4 or higher rates 2, so as a sampler on its own a bit limited, but as a front end no problem.

  4. You can still get them cheap £50-70 on ebay.

  5. Portable on batteries and you can use a mic with it so can be a good little field sampler.

  6. You can still get replacement ribbon strip from Yamaha for about £5, a new one is easy to fit, most will probably need it by now but not always. Because the ribbon is used for editing it is easy to determine if it needs replacing if you can’t edit with precision.

  7. Quite fun to use once you are realistic with expectations and get creative with it, it has a fairly good midi spec (no cc, but not really needed) but you can custom map the pads. Samples can be set to toggle or trigger and there are a few interesting playback modes, as a drone machine it is quite good.

  8. Here is the manual have a read through it to see if it is for you.

As for the OT supporting SDS we can dream, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

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Not in Germany; you have to pay at least 150 € ^^ waaay too much for such an old and small machine.

The idea is surely worth thinking about for some. but @darenager its about the direct approach that we want to have. Personally i dont wanna use an extra machine between the Rytm and the OT to make sample transfer possible. Because i could easily use a computer in that case again :slight_smile: As you said: The OT should support SDS. Otherwise there’s no way around a MD UW if you wanna be as direct and fast as possible for that scenario :wink:

Wow 150€ is a bit much, although I think they were 299 new :joy: back in 95 - yowsers!

Yeah I was asking for SDS on the OT from day one, would be great to have. C’mon Elektron!

I still think even if the OT had SDS that the humble SU10 is great especially for MDUW owners though, mainly because you can get quite a lot in the UW memory by using lower rates for sounds that do not need the high frequencies, like kicks, bass etc even for loops at the standard or long rate can still sound useable and take much less space, “one weird trick” lol.

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yeah, thats an argument, for sure. but cant you just export with lower sample rates/bit depths in the DAW and have the same effect? i dont have an MD UW around (unfortunately) but as far as i can remember, the C6 Tool converted the audio as well - so that it fits into the machine. I never had any space issues on my MD as i still had one. but i must admit that i barely transfered loops to it because it was coffee time while sending a bunch of one shots already :slight_smile: even with TM1 in turbo mode, sample transfer was pretty slow for me.

hell man - i still want one again :slight_smile: as soon as i can afford a used MD UW i will grab one again, thats for sure. but they are getting rarer i think. havent seen one around on ebay for a while now. lets hope its not too late to find one in mint condition when money allows it :smiley: