Collider for the iPad


Super scuffed video showing some workflow…I don’t even touch parameter locks, scene and perf creation, etc… Everything starts from an empty project and no presets are used…it should show how fast and easy it is to get some inspiration going only utilizing ~15% of the app.



wow. Impressive! Thanks!


All the Kit Flavors (in this video only 4 of 12) are not presets but are based on various heuristics and morphing functions…so you could sit for hours hitting “Subs” and keep getting new and interesting “subby” sounds…the same things applies with the patterns. They are based off of various algorithms and over 400 standard drum patterns (each with 12 sequences), but many functions are applied ensuring you will always get something musical and new.


Thank you for putting the effort…
but for some reason video does not work for me
i tried all options)


same here!


I dunno, it’s just a link from streamable (


It worked)
The app is awesome. Gathering money for Rytm MK2))


gathering money for an ipad :slight_smile:


Any consideration of this coming to the iPhone?


The UI would be super cramped. I would consider having just a 1-2 page UI with meta functions “Random Kit”, “Random Pattern”, a Mixer, etc…but then it would be weird to charge the full price. I would need to create a separate streamlined app, as I don’t think you can charge different prices for iPhone vs iPad. It’s something I will consider, but I think every musician should have an iPad by now :nerd_face:


Reading this topic, I really got interested in this app , and I bought it immediately, and with full excitement connected my iPad to Rytm.

but then followed disappointments, one after the other.
I am not saying that the app is not doing what is described but:

  1. the interface is anything but logic, so many confusing names and structure.
  2. the manual is minimal, just a few tips, only two videos on youtube
  3. and most importantly, if you press the wrong button, the app can destroy your patterns and kits, if you are not careful.
    it happens to me few times, and of course I didnt save before, so my kit is gone. :frowning:

in the end, for “not so cheap app” I really expected more polished and responsive interface, with better manual, few videos and tips, because if the app can destroy your work on the rytm, I wouldn’t use it if it is free.


Best to start a new project, just keep an eye on what pattern you are sending to and save kit every time you hit a winner.
Quickly fill up 16 patterns and kits in no time.
Think of it more as a playground at first, it’s incredibly powerful, addictive and deep.
Honestly, start a new project and experiment, it’s the best way, don’t get too precious about the gold you may lose at first. When you tap into that vein and start to feel your way about you’ll realise it’s an endless pay streak.

Stay up late with your Rytm and iPad only, get hypnotised and get addicted…


The interface is a little dense because there are many functions to fit in. What names / structures are confusing?

The app is meant to affect Kits and Patterns so of course you should save your own stuff before / after. This is no different than letting someone use your RYTM…save stuff that you are attached to.

As suggested above, play around on an empty project. The learning curve is proportional to the learning curve of all Elektron hardware.

There is no 50 page manual or anything, but I think the Tips for each mode do a good job of explaining the basic functions and workflow of each Mode. If that isn’t the case, give me an example and I can expand on it or explain it.


Update Out:

  • FIXED: intelligent randomization was toggled off in certain cases, resulting in wild parameter values
  • Added “Zero Values” function to the Physics page to quickly remove all Performance and AT amounts


Hi, i am thinking an undo/redo function could be great!
Could it be it possible?


Undo / Redo is already there, but you can’t undo / redo something the app doesn’t know about. That’s why when you first start up you should probably hit “Get Kit”. This way, the app receives the Current Kit from the Rytm and you can undo all the way back to it, if you wanted.

The next update I’ll remove some redundant stuff (the sound design buttons on the chromatic and physics page, for example) to streamline the UI. Any suggestions are welcome.


That was poetry :slight_smile:

I’ve had the app since it was first released, and used it with my AR mk1, but never spent too much time getting deep with it, as found it frustrating. I got an AR mk2 a while ago, and I’m only just now getting really into the combo and what it can do.

It is very very good, when you get the hang of it, but it does take some perseverance, as the UI is a slow study - well it was for me anyway. I kind of liken it to my time with the OT - mind boggling at first, then it all starts to make sense.

I have to say though, it does help a lot if you already know the AR architecture well, before you start using Collider.



I had the same feelings but you need to persevere. Keep at it and you’ll work it out. It really is an amazing app with a difficult interface to get to grips with. The interface can’t really change because the app has so much functionality and a simplified interface would ruin that.
Anyway I understand where you are coming from but keep going and most likely you’ll love it.


Great! I think i use mabye 5% of what this app can accomplish. I change some parameters and get a nice kit sound then disconnect collider as i have wiped really good results before, with too much tweaking. :sob:


cool. what. if. cuckoo made a mega tutorial :star_struck: