Collider for the iPad


Excellent work man. And keeps getting better. :clap:

I saw you were asking for ideas to integrate :slight_smile:
It would be amazing to have some kind of Song mode, where you would have 16, 32, 64 etc slots - each of them would have Track mutes information inside. When activated it would simply move from first to last slot.

Pretty standard Song mode but infinitely easier to see what you are doing on iPads screen. I cant see shit on this little AR screen, current Elektrons Song mode is so stressy:)


Update Out:

  • Removed redundant sound design buttons on the Chromatic and Physics Page
  • Removed redundant side-toggles on the Dial Page
  • Streamlined the Options menu
  • Fixed a crash that was caused when using PTN SLOTS before opening the Pattern Mode
  • Improved Kits


just downloaded it. It looks fantastic. Let’s see how it sounds :slight_smile:
One more question: does it work on iOs12?


Yep, and I recommend starting an empty project to play around.


Glad I bought me an ipad after all those years!


I ilke the app , but learning curve is indeed very steep

does anyone else have the behaviour that when randomising Kit on one channel one, sometimes all channels get randomised

after multiple days of using by far most thing are still unclear to me

how to acces the drum patterns

what is the function of Random Genre Text, is there any options in this?

Sometime i have random erratic behaviour thats why my questions:

the app shows two midi ins and outs from AR,
what are they, and what is the proper way to set up.

is there any difference in speed/stability with USB vs MIDI din connection?

does a faster ipad help stability?

thank you :slight_smile:

  1. If ALL is selected then any functions, including randomization, will be applied to all Tracks. This also applies to the Kit Flavors…If you just want to load “Subs” on the currently selected Track, then turn off ALL…else, “Subs” will be loaded on all Tracks that aren’t locked

  2. You can only select genres, not individual patterns within a genre

  3. The “Random Genre” text is where you select the type of patterns you want…swipe Left / Right to choose then hit the button below. If you leave it on Random Genre, then obviously it will choose one randomly

  4. For MIDI IN you should only select “Analog Rytm In 1”, and MIDI OUT “Analog Rytm Out 1”

  5. No difference in speed…any slowness in receiving the Pattern or Kit Sysex is because of the RYTM Hardware processing the sysex and not the connection

** If you have Rand selected, and hit the KIT button, then it will randomize all Tracks, as a Kit is made of all tracks…the ALL toggle has no bearing here. You should use the TRACK button in that case.


Update Out:

  • Relaxed the rules for SCENE / PERF creation that dealt with Sample and LFO parameters
  • Any UI elements that have left and right arrows: you can now click the arrows to change selection (as well as swipe / scroll)


Ciao :wave:t2: very first days with ARMK2 and COLLIDER :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: true love…going to have best time ever!!! What about automation in Collider? I know in the hardware i must follow steps … not experimented enough with slide yet :slight_smile:


Automation as in Parameter Locks? Those are part of the Pattern structure. You can either enable “PL” on the Dial page and Double-Tap a dial to add random P-Locks for that parameter, or use all of the P-Lock functions on the Pattern Page.


hey, y’all.

i can’t seem to figure out how to create more than one performance macro.

Can anybody point me the right way, please?!

I swear one kit I could just keep hitting ‘create performance’ and i filled up all 12. now I can’t seem to get a second performance mapped to the pad


You need to make sure the Tracks / Perf Pads you want to be affected are selected. By default when the app starts up, you will see that only “P1” and “1” are selected. You can hit “ALL” to quickly enable all of them.

The Scenes / Perfs have their own set of Pads / Tracks to select.


Good UI update mate
Adding those arrows gives attention to more options I missed earlier

I am running this on an iPad2 and it is great.
Not very fast but is optimised enough to work really well.

Powerful app that really adds turbo functionality for my Rytm MkII


i just updated to the newest version, and the buttons for creating performance, random, morph… are all gone!

when I load the app, under the performance page, all the boxes are selected P1-Px, and A1-Ax…


Yeah that’s just a playground for sending out AT and Perf CC’s using Physics…I removed the buttons to actually create the Performances and AT because it was confusing people. You create Perf / Scenes in the 5th View Mode (with the two big Scene / Perf tables).


I’m looking to set this up on my iPad 2 with the Rytm MK2.
Which camera connection kit dongle are you using with the iPad?


I use the one sold by apple if I’m connecting directly, but mostly I use WIFI (RYTM connected to iMac, iPad talking to iMac)


Get this one so you can still charge while you’re USBing:


Thanks but like I said, it’s an iPad 2. The only CCK i think is compatible was on EBay (Apple don’t seem to stock them anymore). Just wanted to ask if it was 100% necessary.

Excuse my ignorance but… how would I connect the Rytm MK2 and my old iPad 2 over WiFi only?

Edit. Just read the full post above, going via the Mac could be an option also. Is it hard to set up?

  1. connect RYTM via usb to mac
  2. iPad WIFI on, and in my app use the “Network” port
  3. Using OSX’s “Audio MIDI Set Up” app, you can use their “Live Routing” feature to route all MIDI received from iPad Network to and from your RYTM