Collider for the iPad


Hello mekohler! To date I had no problems updating Collider, but the new update tells me that my iPad is not compatible.
My iOS is 10.2.1 and 4th generation iPad
Is my iPad problem (which is very old) or iOS version?


I didn’t change any OS requirements :thinking:

No idea, anyone else?


I think for some reason it only built for my iPad’s architecture (latest), I need to rebuild and resubmit :sweat:

Hopefully they will quickly review it and it will be out by tonight / tomorrow.


Thank you very much! The truth is that with the ipad I have Collider works perfectly and at the moment it is for the only thing that I use it, Collider, Strom, Patterning and Samplr …


Update out:

  • FIXED: the last update would not work on older iPad architectures
  • More included drum grooves

does it work now?


YES!!! THX again!


Are we o.k on iOS 12? I had a problem connecting during the beta testing phase.




Is there a video somewhere that would give me an idea of the workflow? Only seem to find the video with the explanation if the setup.


Nah no videos yet




Update Out:

  • Added an option to use the old Kit Sysex format (OS 1.30)

*** This is for people who want to stay on the old OS for Strom support


Thank you for the 1.30 option, really great!!!


and Overbridge!? :slight_smile:


Guys, does anybody have a decent video about collider? Basically I want to buy Rytm and Collider app for my studio
Thinking this app will be cool for randomisation duties. Using trigger riot, and random melodies for jamming.
Thank you for links or opinions)


Also, maybe such app planned for Digitakt?


Nope. I will take a video tonight of me using some of the basic functions.

There is no port for the Digitone or Digitakt because no one has decoded the sysex, and elektron won’t help. If the guy over at the Digitone forum figures out the sysex conversion, then I will probably get one and port some of Collider.


Thank you! Will wait for the video

Regarding sys - this is not wise. For sales - promoting third party applications would be better. let’s wait and prey)


Had other things to attend to, I will post by the weekend end.