Collider for the iPad


Best update ever! So many thanks for this. Extends the functionality of the app by miles.


No sad faces! It’s a great app–but one I haven’t been using very much in the last couple weeks as my studio is in transition and I just have the AR by my easy chair to mess around with. I really need to get a camera connection kit so i can use the ipad + AR/etc. when I’m not at my workstation. Regarding fader movement, it still takes me something like five full swipes to raise a value from 0 to 127. I guess I was hoping it would behave such that one would be able to change the entire value in one movement. Thanks for your work.


Update out:

  • Improved sensitivity of Track Level sliders


Update Out:

  • Added background MIDI. Collider will now send / receive MIDI when its not in the foreground.
  • Minor UI updates & optimizations


Update Out:

  • If ALL is selected for the Parameter Dials, moving a Synth Tuning / Decay parameter will affect all tracks. This allows you to transpose/ change decay of all engines at the same time, even if they are different.
  • Added functions to Increase / Decrease Velocity and AT Mods
  • Improved UI for iPad Pro
  • Minor changes


Anyone install the new OS?

Just wondering if the RYTM still accepts the Kit / Pattern SYSEX from Collider. I will start updating the app next week for the new OS / Engine.


Yeah I wondered about this, I’m not going to get near my boxes for a few days yet but surely someone will let you know…
I’ll try later in the week and report back if we don’t gain any further intel!


I installed 1.45. UsedCollider for a couple hours last night.
KIT & pattern sysex were received from AR and vice versa.


I’ve noticed that Collider starts to respond/send out kit changes more slowly after I’ve been using it for a while (~half hour; lot of “random” presses.
Also, it takes ~0.5 seconds longer for a kit preset to send over vs. a new random kit. I think that has always been the case though.


I haven’t noticed that, but I did squash a bug which could have that consequence.

The DVCO implementation is almost done, just need to verify pLock values for the engine. It’s probably the hardest engine to make musical in the app, so it may take a few updates to get things nice.

I get better results programming the DVCO with intention :astonished:


Update out:

  • Added support for the new OS & DVCO Engine
  • Minor fixes

*** Kit Sysex changed in the latest OS (more data was added). I spoke with Ollie and the firmware guys are on vacation, so I don’t know what was added at the moment…it seems to work fine though :shushing_face:


Fantastic work. Thank you.

Sorry if this has been asked but Is there anyway you could like link tracks on the keyboard page so as to play chords? So like if you hit one tracks key another 2 will play a 5th or 7th?

Ohoh and another thing: could you make a Pitch and maybe Amp decay xy pad?

Sick stuff sib thank you.


theres a controller app also done by mekohler , you can probably assign an xypad to something in that , or many other midi controllers.

playing chords … the rockit midi lead would be able to do that i think…there are also other ipad apps that can mangle midi data how you’d like.


I should probably add a dedicated DVCO page to do keyboard voice allocation + transposition, and other functions.




Hi. I noticed Collider isn’t sending kits to AR after the new update (patterns are sent normally). I have 1.31B OS on Analog Rytm and the latest version of Collider.


Collider has been updated to work with the new OS 1.45

The new OS changed the Kit Sysex structure but not Patterns


Is there maybe any chance to downgrade the app after it was installed? thanks


No, sorry :frowning:

Are you not upgrading OS bcs of the few bugs introduced? Hopefully in the next few weeks they will address them and everyone will upgrade :o


hey, thanks alot for the update, couple UX feedbaks:
i think locking all volumes at once on the pattern page would be extremley useful, as when generating kits/fx/etc volumes change and gets a bit annoying to normalize everything. on the pattern page, right under P2 button(but above all volumes column) could be a button that locks all of the volumes at current position(these 0-127 are volumes, right? not velocities, cuz velocity’s per step). so you can set your volumes and lock them, so when tapping on RAND ENGINE, engines randomize but conform to volume’s set/locked on the pattern page. just a thought, could improve workflow.

could you pls briefly explain what are: 1.3/1.4, Nat, Norm settings are?and Norm is in Grey box category while Nat, 808, etc in yellowish, what are the differences?

thanks again - you revolutionized my worflow, just wish pattern would sent faster. connecting iPad directly to rytm is faster than WiFi?