Collider for the iPad


If you have every Scene toggled, and every Track toggled, and hit create, does this happen:

You can see I have everything on the upper left toggled (All Tracks, Scenes, Pages), and when I create all the Track Pads are lit.


Make sure your active Kit is Kit 1 on the Rytm. By default the Kits are sent to the Kit 1 slot…maybe you loaded a different Kit earlier?

You could be receiving Kit 1, but if your active Kit is Kit 3 you obviously won’t see / hear the correct things. I think this might be it.


Yes latest firmware. What happens when I send the kit from RYTM to collider - and then create new scene parameters in Collider - which are sent back to RYTM is that my three handmade scenes have their lock values changed - but no extra scenes are registered on the RYTM (still only have three) and the number of locks is the same as on the original three scenes that I made. So Collider is sending values into the scenes and locks I have created (once it has received the kit from my RYTM) but it is not creating scenes and lock states itself.
If someone hasn’t had this problem before then I’m surprised. Perhaps they are too polite to say anything or just kind of abandoned the app.


Check your Kit # for me? Or rather, make sure you are on Kit 1.


You are a true hero @mekohler

Hope this is resolved for both you guys :crossed_fingers:


Has to be the Kit # issue as you are receiving performance CC’s fine, which are not Kit # dependent. Sysex is Kit # dependent and relies on slot 1.


Yes this was the problem. Kit 1 wasn’t selected. It was the kit structure that confused me.

BUT If changes to patterns and kits can be applied to the active kit (kit 5 for example) why not scenes and settings? This is what I mean by being confusing. I can change both kit 5 and pattern 5, but I can only load scenes and performances if my active kit is Kit 1.

So I have kit 5 loaded and want to change it. I randomize synth values for instance and now Kit 5 has changed - great! So now I want to change the pattern for Kit 5 and I can do that great! So now I want to add scenes and performance macros to kit 5- but no these must be applied to Kit 1 ONLY and so no automatic sending of scenes to Kit 5 - only to Kit 1.

This is what I mean by the app being obtuse - at least in terms of scenes and performances. But you know its still a great app and I’m grateful to having finally figured it out.


He’s a hero in terms of programming, but something of a villain in terms of straightforward English and interface design.


Below the belt I think but you are entitled to your opinion.


The confusion is also how things are structured on the Rytm.

The RYTM has saved kits and ALSO active buffer states for the kits, which I am sending to. The only way to resolve this would be to have a popup or menu item to select which Kit to send to each time, instead of the active buffer state. I felt that would be annoying.

Patterns DON’T have this structure issue. And while they can affect the sound of the a kit, via parameter locks, their data is independent of the EXACT kit, and always deals with the current active Kit. That’s why you observed such strange behavior.

Bonus: If you can design a simple single-screen UI for accessing all 600 possible screen / performance locks I’m all ears. I hate that page UI as well but it was the only way I found.

When the new OS comes out I will add an option under OPTIONS to select what Kit to send to. This means if you are doing a lot of Kit-jumping you will have to keep going into Options, but at least you will have the choice. For now, you’re going to have to always copy the Kit you want to deal with to your Kit 1 slot and work from there. Remember you can still load any Kit # on the Rytm and Collider will read it properly, it will just always send it to Kit 1. Think of Kit 1 as your active scratch pad.


Or on the tips page in the scenes/performance section you could write clearly that all scenes and performance data will ONLY be applied to whichever Kit is Kit 1 in your current project and NOT to any other kit. Something like this:

ATTENTION scene and performance data is sent ONLY to Kit 1 in your current project and is NOT applied to any other kit other than Kit 1.


Fair enough. I wasn’t aware the Rytm unloaded the “not #1” Kit from the buffer until today :]

Not just scenes / performance data. Anytime you do any edits requiring the Kit Sysex to be sent. But yes, a future solution will come.


Like I said this is an app that I will use again and again which means I think its a great app. I’m kind of a straight talker and I think it’s better to be active rather than passively pretend I understand everything when I don’t. I’m also from the arts side of things so I like visual clues and clear explanations.
Anyhow thanks for the app and I look forward to future versions.


A fix is coming this week that will always send to the current kit slot. I found out by setting the Kit # to -1, the RYTM will always accept the Kit to whatever kit you have loaded.


NICE. I hadn’t even thought to request this :wink:


Brilliant. Now I don’t feel so guilty about giving you a hard time. :slight_smile:


Lol - glad this is now sorted as best as possible. AR can be a bit awkward - so making a 3rd party app can’t be easy. I appreciate both of your perseverance’s for the benefit of other users - cheers.


Update out:

  • Kit Sysex is now sent to the active Kit loaded, and not always Kit 1
  • Increased sensitivity of Mixer Page controls
  • Increased effect of Tightening Tracks / Kits


I’m still not there yet with fader sensitivity. Any chance to make it greater/user adjustable?


I’ll play around with adding velocity to it, and if that doesn’t work I will add a sensitivity toggle.