Collider for the iPad


Those K’s and P’s are snapshots, and the manual states that you long-press to SAVE, tap to LOAD and double-tap to DELETE. They will be greyed out and do nothing until you save something to it. These are just quick preset recall buttons, don’t bother with them if you haven’t actually sound-designed and saved snapshots.

Page 1: Create track & kit sounds -> sends CC & KIT SYSEX automatically

Page 2: Mixer, self-explanatory -> sends CC

Page 3: Chromatic, self-explanatory -> sends CC

Page 4: Pattern mode, -> sends PATTERN SYSEX, must be sent MANUALLY with the SEND PTN buttons

Page 5: Scenes / Perf -> sends KIT SYSEX

Page 6: Control surface for scenes and performance

All pages refer to the same internal model. All The K snapshots on the Scenes / Performance page are the same snapshots on the Main Page, etc.

KIT SYSEX DATA contains: Tracks / Sounds, Scenes, Performances
PATTERN SYSEX DATA contains: Pattern, Parameter Locks

I know videos are often requested but they take a lot of time to do right. Just read the TIPS on EVERY page. I’ve gotten emails saying that they found the UI confusing at first but then it clicked and they love it. Once you read everything and know how it works I’m open for redesign suggestions :]


Can you explain more about page 5? How do I create four or five different scenes and performances and send these to the RYTM? I guess these scenes and performances then get saved along with the kit. So any changes I make to the kit sounds shouldn’t change the scenes and performance macros.
Is Page 6 a live performance tool only? I would need to record the changes in live record mode on the RYTM right?
The mixer page - changes are made to kits? So I would need to save the kit again on my RYTM after making changes in the mixer?
The chromatic page - I would need to activate live record on my RYTM to record from the pads?
I don’t think videos are that hard to make. You don’t need to make them yourself- just put out a request for one of the many Elektron YouTubers to do a series.
In any case I do really like the functionality of the app and will definitely keep using it.


Your English isn’t very clear. I’m quoting this paragraph as an example. I have no idea what you mean here. You need a proofreader or editor to help you with the manual/tip section because it too has a lot of confusing and unclear explanations. Technical writing is a particular skill that not everyone has.
It may seem that I’m being unduly critical or that I’m angry or something like that - but I’m just trying to offer some feedback and also trying to get my head around how to fully use the app.


Mixer: Any changes on the mixer page simply sends out MIDI CC’s to the RYTM. It’s up to you if you then want to save the RYTM’s Kit / Track . This can’t be any simpler.

Scenes: Let’s just focus on Scenes as Performances are the same. When you first start the App, you will see only the following are selected: Track 1, FX, Scene 1, SYN, DEL

So, if you hit CREATE, then random parameters meeting those criteria will be added to the SCENES and the app will automatically send the ENTIRE Kit Sysex (NOT just Scenes / Perf) to the RYTM. Those Create / Random / Morph buttons will ONLY affect parameters matching the criteria. If you want to affect everything, select ALL tracks and ALL scenes.

You can LEFT SWIPE on any individual Scene Lock to Delete

If you want to add individual parameters, use the table below:
Navigate to a Scene -> Track -> Parameter and hit Add / Del / Rnd

Chromatic: just sends out MIDI Notes, it’s up to you what you want to do with them on the RYTM (record, for example)…

Page 6: sends out Performance / Aftertouch CC’s, and at the bottom are convenient buttons to affect your Performance Locks (like on Page 5) and Aftertouch Settings (Page 1)

At the end of the day the App only sends and receives MIDI. That’s all.

I thought about asking Cuckoo or someone to make some videos, but I assumed people would want a nice fee.


There are quite a few Youtubers you could ask. I don’t think they would all want a fee. You have made a really useful app and it would be a shame if it wasn’t more widely used and known about. I really like the app now that understand more about it - still haven’t worked out the scenes and performance page fully but I’m getting there.
I have had the patience to try to work it out and thank you for your patience in answering my questions.


I’m just not having luck with Collider updating from parameter changes I’ve made on the hardware (other than mute states).


Rytm MK1 latest OS?

Is your RYTM configured to send Parameter CC output (not NRPN)? The fact that you receive Mutes only makes me think it’s an NRPN setting.


I’ve given up on the scenes and performance pages. They don’t seem to work. When I press commit, the kit gets sent and this should include scenes and performance data - but on the RYTM the lights on the pads in performance mode go out when I press them. The same thing happens in scene mode and the changes I’ve made to parameters doesn’t get copied into the kit somehow. Just doesn’t work in the same way as on the RYTM.


They definitely work, as me and countless other users have used it for over a year.

Performance pads are pressure sensitive, and you need to press down hard to enable the performance gesture.

The “Commit” function goes through all Scene locks, and overwrites the parameter value with the Scene value. Again, this is in the manual. You don’t want to use this if you want your scenes to be different than the original Kit.

Example: On App start, all scenes are empty. Manually add a Scene Lock to Track 1 - BDHD Tune on Scene 1. You will see on the top table something like “S1: 1 - BDHD Tune (-6) 59”

The 59 is the value stored in the scene and the -6 is the value the parameter actually has. If you hit COMMIT, they will both turn to 59. Activating Scene 1 on your RYTM will thus have no effect as the value is already reached. This function is used if you find a scene you really like and want your kit to take on all of its values.

There is no magic going on or hacking. It’s simple MIDI and Sysex which has been worked out for ~2 years. Everything does work and unexpected behavior has always been the result of people not reading the manual or understanding the hardware. I’ve gone through this via PM’s for years :persevere:


What does this mean? Whats the point of commit if it equalises the scene and parameter values? How do I load scenes to the RYTM? Do I go back to the first page and choose ‘send kit’ after making my scenes and performances? At the moment the lights on the pads turn off when they are pressed - for example in performance mode I see one pad lit pink and when I press it the light goes out rather than the default behaviour of getting brighter.


Commit: “This function is used if you find a scene you really like and want your kit to take on all of its values.” Just don’t use it.

The pad behavior (lighting, pressure) sounds like a hardware issue. I have no control over that. When you push down a pad and hold it on the RYTM it should activate performance parameters.

It sounds like your pads are stuck a little if you have lit performance pads when you are not pressing down.

Scenes and Performances auto-send the Kit Sysex after you make a change. You should see the RYTM show “Received Kit 1”


You mean that parameter changes to one sound i.e bassdrum will be shared across all other 11 sounds throughout the kit if I press commit?

Then my pads are working well enough when I manually make scene and parameter changes on the RYTM itself.

Then if I press random and create a set of scenes and performances with random values I don’t need to do any more - all of these random values will automatically be sent to the RYTM without further action on my part?

I had the idea that ‘commit’ means being sure - to go ahead and confirm - and that pressing the ‘commit’ button the scenes and performances would be sent to the RYYM. But it seems to mean something else here.


Your pads are not resetting when receiving a Kit sysex then. Press the Performance pad momentarily to reset it to 0.

Random / Create, etc will all auto-update the Rytm. You can see yourself that the hardware says it received a Kit.

The only thing on the app that will not auto-update is tiny pattern changes, like toggling a trig. It’s too costly to send the large pattern sysex for every little change.

“You mean that parameter changes to one sound i.e bassdrum will be shared across all other 11 sounds throughout the kit if I press commit”

No, commit just looks at each Scene lock individually and it will apply that Scene’s value to the parameter it’s associated with. If Scene 1 and Scene 4 have the same parameter affected, then it will “commit” Scene 1’s value to the parameter, and Scene 4 will remain in tact. It’s just a function, whether or not you find it useful is up to you.


Well nothings happening. I create random values and RYTM recieves kit data (received kit 1) but in scenes and performance mode no changes can be heard when I press a pad. In scene mode the pads are all unlit until I press one and it turns blue - but no changes can be heard.


I mean to be honest it couldn’t be more unclear.


Maybe you are adding scene / performance values that are too minor to have an audible effect. If you are in Scene mode on the RYTM and hit Function + Pad it will show you the number of locks on that scene.

You need to create scenes intelligently. If you have 1 parameter from each track on Scene 1, you probably won’t notice anything. If you have all Track 1 parameters locked to Scene 1, you certainly will.

In over 2 years you are the only one to have such a problem with basic MIDI functionality.


I just did an experiment where I created three scenes manually. The active scene is well lit and looks blue/cyan the two others are semi-lit (they look purple). Then I connected to Collider and tried to create a fourth scene with extreme values. I could see that kit data was received but no lights on the pads and no changes to the sound of the kit. Nothing. So at this point I can conclude that something is not working as it should or that the instructions on how to use page 5 are so obtuse as to be unintelligible to anyone other than a computer programmer. There is one interesting glimmer of hope and that is that the page 6 performance macro seems to be working.
Anyway i do like the app and think its very useful - I’ll just make my own scenes and performances from now on.


And in the Scene list in Collider you see some rows that begin with “S4”? You can even create on the Rytm, ask Collider to receive Kit, then immediately send the Kit and no change will have happened on the Rytm (as expected). I am doing it right now as we speak.


Yes S4 has values (quite extreme) but on my RYTM scene 4 pad (pad number 4) is not lit up and in the scene menu there are no locks. So data isn’t being sent. But all other data like patterns and kit and so on is being sent without problem.


Are you on MK1 hardware OS 1.31B?

What synth / parameter are you locking on Scene 4? What happens when you make it on the RYTM, Receive it from Collider, then send from Collider to the Rytm. Does the Scene 4 lock disappear?