Collider for the iPad


Oh I don’t know, they haven’t released the new OS to MK1 users so I can’t test on your OS. Maybe they shifted the pattern sysex values slightly? I can only fix / test it once the OS is released :[

Does it always change to a certain # Kit? Can you find any rhyme or reason to it?


Sorry I should have mentioned the MII Marcos, apologies!

I had used Collider previously with MI, but hadn’t experimented with Patterns on the MI.

So far everything else has been operating the same as the MI.

thanks again for the support, respect!


Ugh I hope they didn’t change too much, sysex parsing is a headache


it always changes to K001.

I will try with another project & if I find out anything further I will let you know.



Ok, thats good to know. I’m filling in an unknown value in the pattern sysex with a 0 / 1, so maybe they are finally using that to link Kits / Patterns. I’ll test other values once they give us the OS, hopefully there is a way to not change.

Also, post any other issues with MK2 here so I can get ready for the update :o

Edit: shit, it does it on my MK1 also, I just never knew bcs I never left Kit 1 :smiley: I fixed it, and will have an update this week. Thanks!


sweet thanks Marcos


Update out:

  • P-Lock distribution over Trigs is no longer random and will follow a randomly generate sequence
  • Sending patterns will no longer change the current Kit


thanks for the update Marcos!


hi Marcos,
been playing quite abit with collider had a thought, since pitch of drum sounds is specified either in tune(semitones) or FRQ in FLT, it would be quite useful to see the note corresponding to pitch, perhaps above(or under) herz value. so basically take freq note ranges and add aditional feedback in note values as well as herts. just a thought, but it could be a nice touch to quickly dial in to key of the track… so something like PULS HT PAD8:
| 64hz |
\ D /

^ CKEditor messes up the spaces, but its a knob


If there is room I’ll put the note in parenthesis. My iMac died and my new one arrives next week, so hold tight.


Great work @mekohler!
Direct connection over USB (iPad -> Rytm MK2) did not work in my case.
But WiFi works. Here’s my setup:
Rytm MK2 - USB Hub - MacBook (High Sierra)
MacBook - Router - WiFi - iPad (iOS11)
Midi Network Session on MacBook, connecting to iPad, Live Routings: Rytm - Network - Rytm.

Don’t know whether everything works, have to learn all the functions first.
Thanks for your excellent work!


With iPad -> Rytm, when you are under the Connect menu and Refresh, no Rytm Interface shows up? It still only says Network? I have not tested with an MK2 or the new OS since I only have an MK1


Yes, It only said Network. That’s why I switched to WiFi.


Even hitting Refresh? Weird. Does it show up in any other iPad app?

Anyone else with an MK2 that uses Direct Connect?


Hi first post on Elektronauts; recent purchaser of A4 & AR.

Collider is really amazing, although I have a sneaking suspicion that I ought to learn the AR inside & out ON ITS OWN before I throw Collider in the mix.

I have a couple questions, offhand, that I can think of:

  1. Slider/Knob/Parameter value change speed seems slow in general. Like, there is no way I can use the mixer page as a replacement for a tactile midi controler (something I was hoping I could do).
    Is this a bug or a feature?

  2. Mute states and track selection seems to be bi-directional between Collider and AR, but not parameters?
    Is this a bug or a feature?

Big, big ups to @mekohler. This is quite an amazing app that I’ll be exploring for quite a while.

  1. All Parameters are bi-directional. Make sure your RYTM is set to send Parameter CC’s and you have enabled the appropriate input interface in Collider.

  2. I could make the Mixer page more sensitive. I was trying to find a balance between sensitivity and being able to accurately dial in an exact value. It could use some work. When the new OS is out I’ll play around with adding a sensitivity toggle or giving you some solution.


I bought this app and I’m getting some interesting things from it, but to be honest the interface is very complicated and I feel that I’m using maybe 5% of the apps functionality… I just don’t really understand it. I would love some videos on how to get the most out of the app. Its far too complicated for me to work it out on my own. The interface design is not intuitive. I honestly need some help.


There is a lot of functionality in a limited space. Are you mainly trying to make new sounds or new patterns?

Hitting TIPS (upper right) will bring up a unique help manual for each View Mode.

Let’s take the first View Mode (green track pads & dials). After reading the TIPS pop-up for that, tell me what parts are confusing or still unclear. Keep in mind, the first View Mode is just for affecting the SOUNDS and does not deal with any PATTERNS. You should be able to easily reset / randomize / morph any SOUND aspect of the RYTM.


Thanks for the reply. So for the first page whats is it for? What is the main purpose of this page? I imagine its about creating kits through randomizing the values of individual instruments? When I touch K1 and so on nothing happens. How do i save a kit to these slots? I think I understand the first page - I create a kit which I then save and rename on my RYTM. But then what about the second and third pages? What is their function? How do they differ from kit creation?
The fourth page is pattern creation and I can just about understand this page but why are P1 and so on grayed out? When I tap on them nothing happens. They should save snapshots but nothing happens when I tap on them.
The fifth page I guess is for creating scenes and performances. How do they get transferred to the RYTM? How do I select new scenes - scene 2 and scene 3 - and send these to my RYTM? I only see one scene slot active on my RYTM.
A series of videos on the functions of each page would be really good. The tips are not written in regular English and are quite short. They add to my confusion rather than clarify things.


I should add that I really like the app but think the interface design is confusing. It would be so much easier to understand if someone did a few tutorial videos.