Collider for the iPad


if i have 2 rytms is it possible to have ability control them both from Collider(swaping between 2 ports?)


WIFI or usb hub?


Users with old iPads (pre-iOS10) might have a problem starting Collider as it takes too long to load and iOS kills it. I tried loading more things at once this time, but I will optimize that this week and see if that addresses the issue. I don’t have my older iPad mini to test on anymore, but I should be able to fix it :confounded:


through wifi control 2 rytms(one at a time), is it a matter of tapping connect and choosing different network? do i also need to press Connect in Audio/Midi settings? is there a more streamline approach(where i can perhaps just choose to connect from iPad only?).

btw with latest update, i finally see network under Connect window. In prev versions even though i was able to connect, both scrollviews were empty under connect menu.

  1. There is only one global Network Session per iPad, I believe. I use WIFI exclusively with OSX’s Audio MIDI Setup Network Session. In that window, I have my iPad connected to the Session and then in the bottom right “Live Routings” I have my Rytm selected. If you have 2 Rytm’s connected to your PC both should be selectable (one at a time)…I think that’s where you should toggle between which Rytm is being controlled (?). You could also route all MIDI coming from the Network Session in your DAW to whichever Rytm you want to control at the moment. There is no way for me to make a simple toggle to control a specific device. I don’t auto-connect to the Network Session because some users have complex setups and it’s best to just let people choose which Interfaces to connect to.

  2. Good to hear, I think I fixed a bug that wasn’t refreshing the tables. Let me know if Network doesn’t show up in the future. It should always be there regardless of any Settings.


hey, played with collider, and have an interesting idea. quite often you come across interesting riff but its not in key, would it be possible to have some sort of global transpose, so all tune/pitch params of voices get proportionally transposed up/down. if some params hit bottom ceiling those could stay where they are.

usecase: often i use LT+MT+HT only(soloed on the unit) for getting bass riffs only, and randomize SYN & pattern until something great comes out, but sometimes out of key, so i havta manually tune, if there was global transpose macro i think it’d be handy for those situations.

also workflow wise i think send ptrn button should be less secure and more exposed. you already implemented second verification, so button could be big where thumb is from the right, besides clear, something like clear on the bottom(=fast access) and sed to the top, kinda like on playstation controller.

global voice tune(transpose) would be a hit(if it possible, but i assume it iz, cuz you already doing global filter automation). or leverage on your selection logic, where you can select voices to transpose, or lock for non-transpose.

noticed you have these modes: “Tighten”, “Mono”, maybe there should be one opposite to “Tighten” “Extend” where decay/release on voices get longa… just couple of thoughts

  1. You could enable the “All” toggle next to the Dials and then move your Synth Tune parameter up or down. This will only affect other Track’s that have the same Engine (since it’s on the synth page). If you wanted them to be the same value, you could Double-Tap the Dial first (to reset) and then move it up or down with “All” enabled. If you found a good tuning you liked you could Long-Press the dial to lock that parameter (this will obey the “All” toggle as well)…Or do you mean transpose Trig notes?

  2. User confirmation for Sending and Receiving Sysex has been removed in this week’s version. The small buttons on the Pattern page are unfortunate but there is no room :frowning:

  3. All Kit types have been improved (more musical + varied) in the next version, and I added a “Subs” one to generate bass exclusively

  4. I added a “Loosen” function this morning which removes any Exponential Amp LFO and makes sure the Synth and Amp Decay are relatively high, it works well. Good idea :]


Update out:

  • Faster Startup time
  • Removed confirmation before sending / requesting Sysex
  • Removed Darker / Lighter functions and added functions to Delete Scenes and Performances
  • Removed Soft function and replaced with EXP LFO
  • Added Loosen function
  • Removed “AM” Kit type and added “Subs”
  • Increased diversity of all Kit Flavors
  • Kit Flavors will now sometimes randomize the MFX
  • Normalization and Morphing chance of each Parameter lowered
  • Moved Pattern Reverse, Swap, and Double to dedicated buttons
  • Added ability to Clear a Pattern Page
  • Pattern Pages will now show if there are Active Trigs (red dot), or if the Sequence Length extends into that Page (white dot)
  • Track Pads will show if there are Active Trigs (red dot)
  • Increased diversity of “Trap” and Euclid patterns
  • Added more functions to “TRC / Fills”
  • Added function to Autofill Pattern Snapshots under “Retrig & Tools”
  • Added function to send all Pattern Snapshots to the selected Bank under “Retrig & Tools”
  • Fixed issue where Purging Tracks would not update Track Mutes on the Rytm
  • Removed the rate-limiting of CC’s when using the XY-Pads or Ctrl-All functions
  • Autofilling Kit Snapshots will now fill with a Morphed version of the current kit, instead of randomized ones


You did a great job with the update! Thanks!


this version is big improvement. if i loaded lots of similar sounds(like diffrently processed bongos) as samples, and then want to randomize different samples from the pool of samples loaded in project, what would be best approach? i’d like to load say 20 different bongo samples, and then randomize patterns with samples being sourced randomly from the project’s pool. also what would be the approach nto keep samples minimally affected/changed by effect(when i play with kits on main page)? could you ellaborate how sample improvisations should/could be approached.

thanks alot


To randomize Samples + P-Locks: Triple-Tap on the “SMP” dial to randomize the sample, enable “PL” and Double-Tap the dial to randomize “SMP” P-Locks on that Track. You can keep doing that process, or you can then go to the Pattern View, enable P-Lock detail View, and manually draw / randomize the SMP P-Lock (after adding it).

*Because I don’t know how many samples are in your Pool, sometimes the random values generated will be a sample that doesn’t exist. In the future I may have a way to specify how many samples you have loaded.

Locking Samples: Long-Press the “SMP” dial to lock it, or enable “Page” and Long-Press any Sample dial to Lock the ENTIRE Sample Page. If you have “All” Enabled when doing this, it will apply to all Tracks. Locking entire Pages is very useful when randomize Kits (Locking all the Filters for “Sub” & “Rings” Kits, Locking exponential LFO Page, etc)

Any other ideas are welcome as I mainly use the Synth Engines and only really load noise samples / textures.


re samples - couple thoughts:

  • is it possible to disable all synth engines and enable samples only in a shortcut way - perhaps even from some menu?

  • with one gesture shorten all samples linearly, so the entire sequence becomes tighter equally. perhaps Tighter mode already does that, but i think it shortens but not equal lengths. and the opposite - extending envelops at equal lengths across entire engine

  • i think you’ve mentioned already that global tune is per engine only, but perhaps with samples it’s possible? to pitch all samples at once up/down - that would be extremly useful, to tune sequence after doing randomizations, gives alot of control (same goes ofcourse for synth engines - having master pitch/tune but as you suggested its per engine only)

  • The “SMP” Kit should disable the engine and set up a randomized sample Track / Kit.
  • For global sample changes you can enable “All” for the dials and pitch up or down


I’m relatively new to collider but already enjoying it a lot, thanks!

today exploring the Euclid patterns:
just wondering is there a way to lock the current kit loaded on the RYTM when a new pattern is sent from the Collider?

also, does the RYTM sequencer need to be stopped when sending a new pattern.

apologies in advance if these seem like obvious questions!


Patterns and Kits are separate. If you send a Pattern it does not affect the current Kit / Sounds unless that Pattern has Parameter Locks. The sequencer doesn’t need to be stopped when sending a pattern, but it will never be immediate as the RYTM takes some time to process all the pattern / parameter lock data.


I’m really enjoying your app as well.
Thanks for a great tool!


cheers for the reply Marcos.

in the video attached you can see the kit changes from K045 to K001 when the pattern is sent:

is there an option I need to change in the settings of either the App or the RYTM to stop the kit changing along with the patterns?
if it is caused by P-Locks is there a way to disable those across the pattern to be sent?

also is there a Manual or FAQ doc that I can access?

thanks in advance


sorry looks like my dropbox link was blocked, and I’m not sure how to upload here.


Video doesn’t work, but I don’t send any Kit Sysex with the Patterns. It’s also weird that the Kit changes to an internal stored Kit, all of my Sounds / Kit Sysex are sent to the current ram, I never do any Kit switching…are you routing this through other hardware? Is something else sending a program change? Does this happen on a new project?

You can hit “TIPS” on each different view mode to get explanations of most functions

Also, make sure you are on the latest supported OS 1.31B


the iPad & RYTM are connected via a Belkin USB hub, no modifiers to my knowledge.
there are no other Apps running on the iPad

when I disable Program Change receive on the RYTM, the behaviour still occurs.

I also removed the hub and made a direct usb connection via camera kit from iPad to RYTM, but it still happens.

here’s a different link to the video: