Who else loves their daily sweet, morning nectar? :coffee:

Recently got a Commandante C40 grinder and it’s really stepped up the resultant cup. I’ve been honing my V60 pour overs lately. The new grinder coupled with beans roasted two days ago from a small local roaster has made a morning ritual into one of the most enjoyable parts of my day.

The only problem is I don’t trust myself enough to put the mug next to my setup like some of the Instagrammers do for those views and likes (:cactus:) so I can enjoy two of my favorite things at once.

Any specialty beans you’ve been enjoying? I’ve been using Sea Bean’s fresh roasted organic Peruvian beans from West Palm Beach and they’re excellent, but I’d like to keep exploring now that I have a constant source of amazing beans.


I love Coffee…but too lazy to deepdive into nerding with Coffee. I drink Dallmayr Prodomo capsule Coffee from Swiss company Cremesso. Good enough for me.


I can only drink one cup a day, as it gives me terrible anxiety.

Tea on the other hand, I can guzzle by the bucketload.


Might have to do with me being Italian, but I stick to traditional espresso.
I have a Saeco Poemia coffee maschine and I usually use a classic Lavazza Rosso or Illy.
Twice a day, no more.


I started using a Chemex because I found one ata thrift store being used as a flower vase. I’ve love it & has been my primary method ever since.

Typically I use Ruta Maya beans from Chiapas since it’s remained my favorite standard dark roast & I like supporting a local roaster.


Chemex makes by far the most clean bodied coffee I’ve ever had. It was an incredible experience the first time…

I simply don’t get to use it often because the coffee beans I get are a bit expensive and no one else drinks my coffee in the household, so 40g+ of coffee beans all for me (I have the 8 cup chemex)? I’d be bouncing off the wall for the entire day until my head hits the pillow and I enter a coma.

@Automageddon I love espresso, it’s what I drank all through college but it was mostly moka pot espresso which isn’t real espresso :slight_smile: Your machine looks nice… Perhaps one day I’ll save for an espresso machine finally, if I ever stop buying Elektron devices…



What tea you drinking?



OH MY GAWD, :heart: my people! :heart:

I like a good medium roast that brings out all the little notes. I’m a big fan of sun-dried Ethiopian coffees that have that bright blueberry note. My current fav is from a San Antonio, Texas roaster called Akhanay. They have a bean from Myanmar that might be the best lot I’ve had all year.

I usually brew in a Clever, or V60 if I’m feeling snazzy.


Yeah, I love coffee. V60 most of the time for me. Usually a washed bourbon filter roast from Square Mile, ground with a Baratza Encore or a Hario Skeleton hand grinder. :loopy:

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I discovered beer in Belgium, espresso in Milano :slight_smile:
A Colombian friend of mine was totally addicted, and offered me a cup an italiano coffee. Really loved the taste of it, nothing to do with the very liquid filter coffee I used to have here and there…

Lately a friend of mine got himself a Delonghi s3535 in replacement of his Jura that died after 7 years of loyal service… Although it’s 700€, he told me that the cost was way less than a Nespresso. And the taste is so much better !! Love it !
One day, maybe, I’ll get such a monstrosity…

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Coffee is the one thing I’m my life where I truly treat myself. I’ve got multiple ways of making it and my wife constantly shakes her head when I express interest in another way of making it.

My everyday method is French press as I can do it on autopilot in the morning as I get ready for work. My weekend choice is usually a pour over or the aeropress.

Usually, when asked what my preference is my reply is “dark as night, black as my soul and thank you, I’m sweet enough already”

Ironically, as of late, I’ve been having it with Irish cream. It’s usually something I reserve for the Christmas break time but this year I haven’t brought myself to stop since for my weekend servings.


I did my first but of cupping recently. I had a leftover Ethiopian that was getting old, roasted about 1-1.5 months prior, and wow, I still tasted the peach! It was like I was drinking peach tea or peach kombucha without the vinegar-y harshness.

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Haha! Excellent. If I’m in a shop where I’m a regular, I usually reply, “I didn’t order a latte.”


I’d like everyone to know: since I joined this thread, I made an iced pour-over… sitting in the Texas sun now.


Or to quote mindless self indulgence, I like my coffee black, just like my metal.


Black iced coffee used to be my go-to, I have a Hario Mizudashi but haven’t used it in a while since the beans I get started getting high in price, but any coffee tastes amazing iced.

I haven’t added anything to my coffee in ages, except for at a hotel once, it was like consuming an oil slick.

Texas has a different kind of heat than Florida!

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i don’t really care that much about beans (drugs should not be expensive), but method matters.
proper coffee is turkish coffee.

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PG tips, or Yorkshire, which you may not have seen in the states.

In the evening I’ll have something herbal, or a Chai.


Coffee beans are a food, after all, I don’t really eat old food.

The only aged food I’m in the market for is cheese, I’ve no interest in stale beans vacuum sealed! The price covers importing the beans and the market determines what the value of freshness is.